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The Boathouse arrow right AAPI Heritage: Christie’s Story

AAPI Heritage: Christie’s Story

May 22, 2022

Our celebration and recognition of Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month continues. This time, Hydrow Athlete Christie Wang sat down to tell us more about her heritage and a special 20-minute Pilates workout she created,  “New Beginnings,” which will be available on Tuesday, May 24th. 

Christie, what can Members look forward to in your new AAPI Heritage Month Pilates workout?

“I talk about my career path and how I actually ended up getting laid off from my first job, so there’s a cliff hanger! That led me into Pilates full time and I share more about how I managed my own personal expectations as well as the expectations I felt my family and society had for me about what was an ‘acceptable path.’ Those expectations are definitely influenced by being Asian American and I was wrestling with a lot of that when I first began this journey.”

What helped you to overcome some of the challenges you’ve faced?

“I think that everyone struggles managing the various forces that influence how we make decisions and how we see ourselves whether that’s your heritage or opinions of family, etc. I found the most success when I learned to both embrace who I am and balance my own goals and expectations with those of people who love me and care about me. I’ve learned you don’t have to completely accept or reject different parts of yourself and your background, but rather you can choose bits and pieces and embrace that diversity – it’s all about finding balance and that’s when I feel the best.” 

How are you feeling about your career path now?

“Now I feel secure and happy about these expectations and feel the career I’m in was the right decision for me and makes me feel fulfilled. It can sometimes be challenging to travel a lot, but overall I’m so grateful to do it. What keeps me motivated is that my schedule gets to be different each day: sometimes I teach in person, sometimes I teach different formats, it’s always switching up and that keeps me really interested in the work I do. I’m also such a people person, so being around people and being able to see them get into Pilates where they are seeing and feeling a difference — that’s the whole point!”

Share your story with us 

Thank you Christie for sharing your story with us. If you have your own AAPI heritage story to share, we want to hear it! Post in our Facebook Training Camp group or on social by tagging @Hydrow and tell us what Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month means to you.

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