Our origin: Why we created Hydrow

As humans, we’re hardwired for synchronicity — the idea of moving together seamlessly, as one. It’s why we dance together and march together. It’s also why we row together. This is the heart of the Hydrow story.

Hydrow Today

In a class of its own

When competitive rowers talk about what it’s like to use Hydrow's rowers, they say it’s the closest feeling you can have to actually being on the water. That’s what makes Hydrow unique. It’s not just another piece of fitness equipment. It’s a marvel of engineering and technology, conceived by the very best — rowing champion and U.S. National Team coach, Bruce Smith. Hydrow's rowers have been designed with a deep understanding of human physiology, intrinsic and extrinsic motivation, and accessibility, making them more effective than any other piece of equipment on the market today.

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The Mission

Whole health accessible to all

Although conceived by a passionate, lifelong rower, Hydrow isn’t only for rowers. Much like the inclusive spirit of the sport of rowing itself, the Hydrow experience is for everyone — to bring whole health within grasp, no matter who you are. That’s also why elite Athletes are at the helm of every guided Hydrow workout. Not only do we believe you should learn from the very best, Hydrow's world-class rowers by nature are more inclusive, patient, uplifting teachers who intuitively understand how to meet you where you are.


Meet our founder

With a lifetime of experience as a championship-winning rower, the former president of Chicago Union Rowing and Paddling, and the coach of the U.S. National Team, Bruce has always been passionate about moving the sport of rowing forward due to its positive impacts on the body and the mind. However, you might say his life’s work was predestined. Long after he fell in love with rowing, Bruce discovered quite by accident that his ancestors were, in fact, a legendary rowing family. In addition, his great grandfather was a master boat builder in Cambridge who made the first sliding seats in racing shells. Throughout his career, Bruce has remained steadfastly committed to improving communities by making rowing accessible to all, including his work previously as the executive director of Community Rowing in Boston. He also founded Lincoln Park Juniors, a rowing program in Chicago for underserved youth. Today, Bruce continues to thoughtfully innovate new ways to make the water and the rowing world more accessible, while also improving the communities in which we live. Bruce will tell you it was the “swing” of the rhythm of rowing in perfect harmony with his teammates that bonded him to the boathouse and the lifestyle. And he says that same “swing” is what continues to move the entire rowing community into the future. Under his guidance, the Hydrow team has been able to create a world-class way to do that: our rowers. Together, we continue the movement, with a state-of-the-art home fitness offering that grants you access to world-class waterways, the sport’s most elite Athletes, whole-body health, and a community that spans centuries, and the globe.

A note from Bruce

“It’s hard to create that feeling of fully engaging the physical body, as well as the mind. This is why we created Hydrow, Hydrow is designed for your whole health and wellbeing, impacting your physiology, releasing endorphins in your brain, and connecting you with other human beings through our community. You don’t have to change how you are to feel great. Rowing with Hydrow is an activity that is designed to help you feel better today about where you are right now. If you feel a little better today, you’ll be kinder to yourself. And if you’re kinder to yourself, you’ll be kinder to others. Rowing surfaces the fact that you need other people and helps you understand your ties to other humans. With that insight, you may make better decisions for others, not just yourself. Hopefully, together, through Hydrow, we can make the world a better place.” Bruce Smith CEO and founder, Hydrow