To be a rower is to see a world beyond the self, to feel the call to rise above for the greater good.


Rowing is not about the individual

The whole mentality of rowing is entirely different from what you encounter in other sports. Rather than the transcendence of a single individual or star player on your team, rowing is like magic. Yes, the spirit of competition remains, but on the water with your crew, you cease to be an individual – you work and move as one. It encourages a mentality that is greater than the self. You are more connected to everything around you and every person you work with. So while Hydrow CEO and founder Bruce Smith shies away from the label of being an activist, the concept of giving back, to raise others up is written in our DNA at Hydrow. To be a rower is to see a world beyond yourself and feel a sense of responsibility to be a part of making it a better place.


You row, we donate

Water is the essential element present in every aspect of our lives – we need it to survive, our cultures and economies depend on it, and it also brings us joy. As rowers, our reverence for water transcends the sport; we consider ourselves stewards of the water. And through Hydrow, you can do the same. Every row counts toward a donation to, an organization that brings clean, safe water to the developing world. This means that every time you sit down for a row at home, you’ll be rowing for something greater than yourself.