At-Home Cardio Workouts: What’s the best cardio routine to do at home?

Pete Donohoe

If you’re looking to establish an at-home cardio workout routine, what type of exercise should you prioritize? And how can you set yourself up for success? There are a few things you’ll want to take into consideration as you develop a winning at-home workout routine; in this article, we’ll give you everything you need to know.

At home cardio workouts: What to keep in mind

Pandemic-related lockdowns forced millions of people to adopt an at-home cardio workout routine for the very first time (Or first time in quite a while). 

Working out at home has big perks with regard to saving time – you don’t need to worry about a commute and can clean up post-workout at your leisure in your own space. That being said, it’s easy to be distracted by temptations; the TV and couch are always just a room or two away. 

Here are some things to take into consideration as you establish an at-home workout routine to ensure you’re set up for success.


The amount of space you need to start an at-home workout routine is less than you might think. You certainly don’t need to turn an entire room of your home into a gym (Unless you want to). When looking to set up an at home cardio workout solution, think about how you can create an environment that is exciting and inspiring while also not needing too much gear.


When deciding on what at home cardio workout equipment to invest in, think about how you can get the closest thing to a full-body workout from the fewest pieces of equipment possible. Hydrow’s workouts are a full-body experience, leveraging nearly every major muscle group in your body with every single stroke.


One of the biggest challenges to working out at home isn’t necessarily the time or resources; it’s getting motivated to get yourself up and moving around in order to set yourself up for success. At the end of the day, the best at home cardio workout is one that will keep you motivated and inspired to move your body and get a great workout on.

At home cardio workouts: Why rowing does it all

So why rowing? When it comes to longevity, intensity, and efficiency, rowing is minute-for-minute one of the best workouts you can do for yourself. Here are a few reasons why you should consider rowing as a main part of your at-home cardio workout lifestyle.

Rowing is low impact

Many forms of cardio require movements that can lead to overuse or injury after a certain period of time. Activities that involve a lot of running, jumping, or other explosive movements can get your heart pumping, but over time can lead to excessive soreness if you’re not being careful and taking adequate rest days. 

Here’s what is great about rowing: With rowing, you don’t need to take a rest day to rest your joints. Both feet are strapped into place throughout your workout, and the resistance on your body – created by pulling on the handles and driving through your heels – is controlled at all times, reducing the chances of injury.

Rowing works the majority of the body’s muscles

In contrast to other pieces of cardio equipment, rowing actually works the majority of the muscles in your body with every single stroke. When it comes to efficiency, this is important, because it means you’ll work more muscle fibers in your body in less time. 

This full-body approach also teaches your upper and lower body to work in sync to create an effective rowing stroke. 

Rowing workouts can be short-yet-effective

Short on time? We get it. The good news about rowing is that it doesn’t take long to get a quality workout. Hydrow features a variety of workouts that range from five minutes to 45 minutes in length. As our resident exercise physiologist and Director of Exercise Research & Innovation, Dr. Kristin Haraldsdottir, notes: “Just 20 minutes of exercise can give you everything you need to get big benefits out of your workout.”

At home cardio workouts with Hydrow

You’re convinced that rowing might be the best at home cardio workout option for you – awesome! Now, why choose Hydrow?

We created Hydrow with the above considerations in mind to set you up for success. Here are a few of our features designed to help you stay inspired, motivated, and moving! 

Live Outdoor Reality™

Hydrow’s Live Outdoor Reality™ technology is the first of its kind. Thanks to our world-class Athletes and production team, you can join us live, 5 days a week, and row alongside your peers in a real-time experience.

This unscripted, live experience helps to keep you accountable. Join your community and our roster of top-tier Athletes to keep yourself inspired and energized.

A library of over 2,000 workouts

Like to do a different workout for every session and keep things interesting? We’ve got you covered. Hydrow features a library of over 2,000 workouts to help you always have a fresh new at home cardio workout, and new recordings are released each and every week. 

In addition to rowing workouts, we also have our On The Mat workouts: Strength and mobility workouts, pilates sessions, and yoga classes of varying intensity to give you the variety you need in a single all-in-one machine. Rather than try to outfit your spare room with tons of equipment, Hydrow gives you the total package in one piece of equipment.

Quiet and compact

Hydrow utilizes software-driven electro-magnetic resistance which is significantly quieter than alternative methods. Because magnetic resistance is a frictionless technology, Hydrow offers a much quieter fitness experience than traditional rowing machines that use air or water resistance.This quiet performance makes it easy to hear Athletes and music whether via the built-in speakers or through your favorite Bluetooth headphones.

If space is of concern, we’ve also got you covered. Hydrow’s upright storage kit allows you to store Hydrow completely upright when not in use. Bust out your Hydrow when you’re ready to crush it, then easily store it to maximize space at home; when stored upright, Hydrow’s indoor footprint is just 24” by 33”.

A growing, thriving community

Many Hydrow members say the community is their favorite part of the experience! From a private Facebook group to training camps and initiatives throughout the year to keep yourself inspired, our community is full of fellow users from all walks of life. Use Hydrow’s social features to follow and connect, and draw on the group to get inspired for your next at home cardio workout.

----- There are many options for an at home cardio workout experience; the right choice for you is an option that has variety, accountability, motivation and results. As you look at how to move forward, learn more about how Hydrow can give you everything you need.