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If you’re taking a holistic approach to health and fitness, you’ll find tons of great information here. This includes healthy living tips, fitness content outside of rowing, and other information about health and wellness.


Row, Run, and Increase Your Power

Pete Donohoe 29/07/2022Fitness

Cross-training does not mean foregoing power. Build atop your regimen with these gutsy intervals for the rower, track, and treadmill — each hand picked by our favorite USA Triathlon and Hydrow coaches.

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The Benefits of Exercise for Mental Health

Amanda Crawford 15/05/2022Fitness

Mind and body are interconnected, so it’s no surprise that regular activity is a key component of mental health. Research shows we can have a better quality of life and a greater sense of well-being when we are more active.

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The benefits of physical activity (and rowing) for wellness

Pete Donohoe 01/04/2022Fitness

Discover how rowing with Hydrow can be beneficial for mental and physical health, including for those living with conditions like Parkinson's. Hydrow has partnered with artist Alex Echo on a limited-edition rower and NFT collection, with 20% of each sale going to Parkinson's UK.

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Tips for Working Out Around the Holidays

Kelly Johnson 18/12/2021Fitness

The holidays are when healthy habits and routine are put to the test. With changes to your surroundings and schedule during the holidays, it can be incredibly rewarding to stay in touch with your health and fitness routine. We've gathered our best tips to stick with your routine.

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Prenatal pilates at Hydrow

Pete Donohoe 09/07/2021Fitness

Learn more about our new Prenatal Pilates series for pregnant mothers, designed by Hydrow Athlete Christie Wang.

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4 Week Winter Training Plan

Pete Donohoe 18/02/2021Fitness

Mac Evans was coming up on a 4-week Hydrow filming hiatus and took the opportunity to press the reset button on her fitness by nailing down her whole health and exercise goals.

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Hydration and Hydrow

Kelly Johnson 25/09/2020Fitness

The importance of fluids for fitness

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Work-from-home posture pains? Movements you can do to help

Pete Donohoe 17/09/2020Fitness

Hydrow Strength and Movement Specialist Peter Donohoe provides some quick tips and important stretches to help offset muscle tightness.

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No pain, no gain? Not always.

Pete Donohoe 03/09/2020Fitness

Hydrow Chief Coach Justin Moore explains the essential difference between the positive and negative fitness results of good pain versus bad pain.

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Female empowerment through sports

Kelly Johnson 06/03/2020Fitness

Athletics are a great platform for young girls to experience accomplishment, inspiring them to carry dedication, discipline, leadership, communication, teamwork, and confidence into other parts of their day-to-day lives.

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