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Learning to row, or looking to improve your rowing knowledge and technique? Here, you’ll find all things rowing – beginner rowing information, intermediate and advanced rowing knowledge to help you improve your technique, and everything in between, all specific to rowing.

Rowing Education

What muscles does a rowing machine work?

Pete Donohoe 21/11/2022Rowing Education

If done correctly, rowing works an impressive 86% of major muscle groups. Each rowing stroke activates muscles in your lower body, upper body, and core.

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Rowing vs. Running: Is Rowing Better Than Running?

Peted 29/04/2022Rowing Education

Hydrow compares how rowing vs. running can improve your workout routine to reach your health and fitness goals.

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Why Runners Should Cross Train with Hydrow

Pete Donohoe 15/04/2022Rowing Education

Cross-training is a mix of alternative workouts and movements that'll benefit your primary sport. Here’s why rowing on Hydrow is the perfect complement for running.

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Why Runners Should Use Rowing to Gain Muscle Strength and Endurance

Pete Donohoe 07/04/2022Rowing Education

Rowing workouts can help assist in improving a runner's marathon time by building muscle strength to enhance performance. Learn how you can train for your next marathon by adding rowing into your workout routine.

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Hydrow for cross-training

Pete Donohoe 18/02/2022Rowing Education

When it comes to cross-training, balance has its benefits.

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Introducing Distance Rows

Pete Donohoe 10/02/2022Rowing Education

Measure your performance and mix up your routine with Hydrow's Distance Rows

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Case Study: How do rowing and cycling workouts compare?

Kelly Johnson 10/12/2021Rowing Education

How do rowing and cycling workouts compare in a runner using Hydrow for cross training?

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The science behind the Hydrow high: mental fitness boost

Kelly Johnson 26/11/2021Rowing Education

How the Hydrow high gives you a mental fitness boost.

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The science behind the Hydrow high: flow state

Kristin Haraldsdottir, Ph 09/11/2021Rowing Education

How the flow state plays a role in the feeling of the Hydrow high.

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Instructional drills are your all-in-one resource to get the most out of your Hydrow rowing workouts

Marie Le Hur 18/10/2021Rowing Education

Transform your rowing with these easy-to-follow instructional drills on Hydrow

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Glossary: Hydrow rowing terms

Kelly Johnson 26/07/2021Rowing Education

Learn more about the world of rowing on the water through Hydrow's Rowing Terminology Glossary.

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Rowing Workouts: how to calculate the right pace windows and meet your goals

Pete Donohoe 22/06/2021Rowing Education

What defines a “good” split on a rowing machine? Here is how you can use pace windows to improve your own health and fitness.

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