Commit to Fit: Spring into action

Kelly Johnson

Whether you’re ready to sweat on the water or get in some stretches On the Mat, Commit to Fit is back this May to help you commit to making time for yourself and your health. Continue to build healthy habits and challenge yourself and each other to achieve your whole health goals.

As the seasons change and the weather gets nicer, we’ll spend more time outside with family and friends, but your Hydrow workouts are here to stay! Let’s continue our healthy Hydrow habits into the month of May, as we begin to readapt to the world around us.

Time is ticking, so sign up here and build your routine by committing to a better, healthier you before we kick off on Monday, May 3rd!

Here’s the scoop on our Commit to Fit: Spring Into Action:  

What is the Commit to Fit: Spring Into Action? 

The Commit to Fit: Spring Into Action is a 28-day challenge promoting the physical and psychological benefits of forming healthy habits and working out for 10 or more minutes at least three times a week. That’s right, just working out for 10 minutes, 3 days a week will leave you feeling stronger and healthier. Of course, if you’re feeling good and want more, we encourage you to work out as much as you want! 

Sign up for Commit to Fit to receive inspirational weekly emails with tips and tricks for success, as well as the opportunity to earn a £20 coupon to the Hydrow apparel store.

Want to make picking your workouts a breeze? Sign up for Hydrow's Daily Inspirations in the mobile app (Download on iOS here and Android here) to schedule your daily workout reminder and receive two workout recommendations for each day of the Commit to Fit Challenge. You’ll be able to favourite your workouts directly in the app to come back and complete anytime on your Hydrow.

If you’re ready to commit, sign up here! If you successfully complete the challenge you can expect to receive a Commit to Fit: Spring into Action badge and an email with a £20 coupon for our apparel store shortly after the challenge ends. While anyone can earn this special badge, you must sign up for Commit to Fit to be eligible to earn the coupon. Sign up before the challenge kicks off to get $20 off our brand new Hydrow Spring Apparel along with the limited edition Commit to Fit: Spring Into Action badge.

Sign up here before 11:59 PM ET on Monday, May 3rd. 

Why should I sign up for this Challenge? 

Spring into action by benefiting your whole health -- mentally and physically -- by finding a workout routine that can stick now and after May.

Whether you’re at home or traveling (perhaps to a #HydrowDestination), Commit to Fit Spring Into Action can be completed anywhere at any time on the Hydrow mobile app. Warm-up on Hydrow before taking a jog around your neighborhood, stretch out On the Mat before you hop onto your bike, or get your workout in quickly before hanging out with friends. 

Hydrow brings the outside in to your home and our flexible and efficient full-body workouts will help set a healthy habit that can continue through the summer. 

Do I have to sign-up to participate? 

Anyone who completes the requirements of at least 10-minutes a day for 3 days a week from Monday, May 3rd through Sunday, May 30th will receive the Spring Commit to Fit badge.

In order to receive the badge and the £20 off coupon towards our apparel store, you have to sign-up here before 11:59 PM ET on Monday, May 3rd. 

What types of workouts count towards my 10-minutes?

All Hydrow workouts, including Live and on-demand rows as well as On the Mat workouts, add to your progress. All workouts completed in a single day count towards your 10 minute total. If you plan to work out this month outside and enjoy the springtime air, we recommend using Hydrow for a warm-up or cool down. 

Tired of cabin fever? Take your On the Mat workouts outside, and Live Outdoor Reality can become your reality!

Can I “make up” workouts I miss?

Each week starting on May 3rd will be counted from Monday to Sunday at 11:59 PM in your respective local time. Our goal is to help you develop and stick to your fitness habit. If you miss a week of workouts that includes 10-minutes a day for at least 3 days a week, you will no longer be on track towards completing the May Commit to Fit challenge, but we encourage you to continue to #WinTheDay and share it with us. Every day you work out is a win! Unlike in past Commit to Fit Challenges, you will have to complete at least 3 days of workouts each week over the course of the 4-weeks. 

I am a Hydrow Digital Basic user, can I still participate? 

Of course! Commit to Fit is open to the entire Hydrow community. Be sure to sign up for the challenge to get credit for committing to 10-minutes a day, 3-days a week. 

I just got my Hydrow, can I join the Challenge? 

Definitely! This Challenge is for all of our members. If this is your first time rowing, we recommend starting with the Learn to Row series and then check out our Fitness Builder program. These workouts, and any Live Rows or On the Mat workouts count towards your 10-minutes a day. Kickstart your Hydrow journey by committing to building healthy habits. 

I am not near my Hydrow during these four weeks, what do I do? 

If you’re away from your Hydrow, don’t worry, you can complete any on-demand workout from your iOS or Android device and it’ll count towards the challenge. Download the iOS App here. Download the Android App here

Is there a special Facebook group for this program?

The Hydrow Training Camp Facebook group is the best place to engage with other Hydrow community members to support one another and drive personal change. Whether you’re a new member getting started or a seasoned rower, this is the perfect place to share your stories, workouts, questions, and ideas. Remember, we’re all in this together! You can join the Facebook group here

Looking for some extra motivation? No problem, we’ll be encouraging members to set goals and hold each other accountable for meeting them each week. Each week of May on Hydrow Training Camp, we will give suggested workouts for Training Camp Members to do together, and also provide a space for Members to find partners or teams to work with. This way, you can work on meeting your goals together. Commit to you, commit to each other, commit to fit!

Use the hashtag #HydrowCommitToFit on social media to share your Spring Into Action progress and connect with other members of the community who are also participating!