Destination: Lucerne Workout Planning

Leanne Yenush

Welcome to Destination: Lucerne, a week dedicated to traveling the world with Hydrow. Our newest #HydrowDestination brought us to one of the most special and renowned places in the rowing world. 

Every day from Monday, November 1st through Sunday, November 7th, we’ll release a new set of rows and On the Mat workouts designed to be paired together to maximize the benefits of rowing, strength, and flexibility. 

“By combining movements that are different from a rowing workout, you are challenging your muscles in a different way and building strength and flexibility in your whole body. The Athletes that traveled to Lucerne worked together to create workouts that complement each other, allowing you to make the most of every single workout,” says Dr. Kristin Haraldsdottir, Director of Exercise Research and Engagement.  

Take a look at the workouts that will be released during our Destination: Lucerne week along with pairing recommendations by our Exercise Research team. Make the most of every day and start planning your week now. 


Monday, November 1st - Laine and Mac’s 20-min Breathe “2-Minute Builders Row”  - James and Mac’s 10-min “Body Awareness Cool Down”  - Peter and Nick’s 20-min “#TBT Bodyweight Strength”  - Mac’s 15-min Sweat “Weekly Conditioning Row” 

Exercise Research team pairing recommendation: Happy Monday! Pair Laine and Mac’s 20-min Breath, which focuses on steady cardio endurance at a controlled pace, with James and Mac’s 10-min Cool Down. Stacking these workouts will help you control your movement through physical and mental awareness. 

Tuesday, November 2nd  - Nick and Laine’s 20-min Sweat “The New Normal Row”  - James’ 20-min Breathe “Pick Drill Row”  - James and Mac’s 1-min Challenge “Lake Lucerne Challenge Row”  - Christie and Laine’s 5-min “Post Row Pilates”  - Nick’s 30-min Drive “Find Your Inner Athlete Row” 

Exercise Research team pairing recommendation: Pair James’ 20-min form-focused Breathe row with Christie and Laine’s 5-min “Post Row Pilates”. Both of these workouts emphasize steady breathing and proper technique, so they will be the perfect combination for your Tuesday! 

Wednesday, November, 3rd  - James and Mac’s 20-min Drive “Max Effort Intervals Row”  - James and Laine’s 15-min “Sandwich Style Row”  - Nick’s 5-min “Two Strokes Cool Down” - Journey “Lake Lucerne Bow View”  - Owen and James’ 10-min “Pre-Row Align Yoga” 

Exercise Research team pairing recommendation: A big day to work out with James! Pair Owen and James’ 10-min “Pre-Row Align Yoga,” which will open up your hips and soften your movements, with James and Mac’s 20-min Drive “Max Effort Intervals Row”. This row is a great fitness conditioning row which will challenge you to power through intervals, so it’s important to properly prepare your body beforehand. Afterward, be sure to complete Nick’s 5-min “Two Strokes Cool Down” to help your body recover after a big push! 

Thursday, November 4th - Laine and NIck’s 20-min Sweat “Mountain View Row” - Peter and Mac’s 15-min “Whole Body Mobility” - Owen’s 10-min “Wind Down Restorative Yoga”  - Nick’s 10-min “Quick Builders Warm-Up” 

Exercise Research team pairing recommendation: Today, we recommend you pair Laine and Nick’s 20-min Sweat with Peter and Mac’s 15-min Mobility workout. Complementing this endurance-style row with a mobility workout will improve your hip and back flexibility and help release tension built up during the row. 

Friday, November 5th - Mac and Nick’s 30-min Breathe “Pop Climb Row” - James’ 10-min “Reflection Cool Down” - Journey “Lake Lucerne Stern View” - Nick’s 15-min Drive “Switzerland Facts”  - Christie and Mac’s 20-min “Rhythm Sculpt Pilates" 

Exercise Research team pairing recommendation: Happy Friday – let’s engage the core! Today, we suggest combining Nick’s 15-min HIIT-style Drive with Christie and Mac’s 20-min Pilates workout. HIIT-style rows and Pilates mat workouts are the perfect way to fire up your core, and these two core-focused workouts will target those muscles. 

Saturday, November 6th - Mac and Laine’s 20-min Sweat “Finding Connection Row”  - Laine’s 5-min “Gentle Climb Cool Down”  - Peter’s 10-min “Hip Mobility”  - Mac’s 10-min Breathe “Steady State Row” 

Exercise Research team pairing recommendation: Pair Peter’s 10-min hip mobility workout with Mac and Laine’s 20-min Sweat. Combining this powerful endurance row with a workout focused on hip and back mobility will bring your body back to baseline and improve your overall flexibility..  

Sunday, November 7th - Laine and Nick’s 20-min Drive “Bootcamp HIIT”  - NIck and Mac’s 1-min Challenge “November Racing: Week 2 of 5”  - James’ 5-min Warm-Up “Racing Mindset Warm-Up”  - Owen’s 20-min “Weekly Yoga Flow” 

Exercise Research team pairing recommendation: Warm up with James to activate your muscles and prepare for a high intensity workout through half-slide quickness drills and high-rhythm intervals, then jump into a Bootcamp HIIT row with Laine and Nick. Close out Lucerne week with Owen’s 20-min Yoga Flow, which gets blood flowing through all muscle groups, while connecting your body and mind through movement and breath.

-- Check out what’s coming to the on-demand library in this week’s Hydrow On Deck.