Going For It: Hydrow goals

Leanne Yenush

This month, we're focused on goals. Big or small, individual or shared, short-term or long-term; no matter what they are or what they look like, they help motivate us to go after what we want, and to continue to grow, progress and learn.

Here at Hydrow, we’re guided by our shared goal of creating a sense of connectedness and belonging for everyone by bringing the soul-enriching sport of rowing to homes everywhere. We also recognise and celebrate the individual goals that our trainers, team members and colleagues are chasing each day, and are committed to supporting each other as we work to achieve them, whatever they may be.

As professional athletes, it's fair to say our Hydrow trainers are an especially goal-oriented group. We've asked them to share their thoughts on setting, chasing and achieving goals in our new series, Hydrow Goals.

Keep an eye on our social media this month for excerpts from our trainers and team members about what goals mean to them. Want to join the conversation? Share your thoughts with us on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram using #HydrowGoals.