Hydrow Rowing Machine: An all-in-one workout solution

Pete Donohoe

Are you looking for an all-in-one workout solution that is both effective and entertaining? Does the idea of hitting the majority of muscles in your body with one piece of exercise equipment excite you? In this article, we’ll go over how rowing is an all-in-one workout and how to approach it to reach your unique fitness goals.

Rowing: An all-in-one workout

In our modern times, we’re busy and juggling many different responsibilities between work and family commitments. We also want to take care of ourselves so that we can live happy and able lives for years to come. Regular exercise and movement are important ingredients of a whole health lifestyle.

Building a balanced body means exercising and engaging all of your muscle groups and leaving no stone unturned. But how can we do this when we’re juggling so many other responsibilities? The answer is to seek out forms of exercise that hit the majority of your muscles in every session. The more muscle fibers you can activate, the more you’ll build strength and increase your metabolism. Rowing is perfect for a busy lifestyle and even just 20 minutes of exercise can give you everything you need to reap big benefits.

Hydrow: Your all-in-one workout solution

Hydrow was designed to give you everything you need in one workout machine. Whether you’re just getting back into the exercise groove or are an avid athlete ready to kick things up a notch, here are a few reasons why we’ve got you covered.

Workouts for every level of fitness

Hydrow features a library of over 2,000 workouts led by our world-class Athletes. Row in tandem with national champions, Olympians, and established coaches as they guide you on technique and keep you engaged with a few stories along the way. Hydrow’s rowing curriculum is categorized into three types of workouts:

- Drive workouts - Drive workouts feature high-intensity intervals at high rhythms and will push you to your limits, building strength and stamina along the way. Once you’re warmed up, expect a one-to-one ratio of high intensity to rest in these workouts.

- Sweat workouts - Sweat workouts are endurance-based workouts at medium rhythms that get your heart pumping for longer intervals and shorter rests. Expect more of a two-to-one ratio of effort to rest in these workouts.

- Breathe workouts - Breathe workouts are Hydrow’s cardio - they elevate your heart rate and get blood flowing, leaving you feeling refreshed. Long intervals at lower rhythms challenge you to focus and build endurance. 

Additionally, workouts come in various lengths to meet your needs - hop on for as little as five or ten minutes, or go long with our selection of 30 and 45-minute workouts.

Want to hop on and zone out? Be sure to check out Journeys, sessions that are Athlete-free and instruction-free to let you enjoy the scenery and do your own thing at your preferred pace.

A Live Outdoor Reality™ experience

Hydrow elevates the indoor rowing experience by coupling a state-of-the-art rowing machine with the innovation of Live Outdoor Reality™ to create a totally immersive experience. 

Traditional rowing machines simply simulate the physical motions of rowing. In contrast, Hydrow takes a multisensory approach, transporting you to the water and into the moment. The sights, sounds, synchronicity, and camaraderie you could otherwise only experience in a boat are beamed directly into your home.

Shot by our talented crew of directors, producers, videographers, and sound engineers, every Hydrow workout is filmed from the rower’s perspective, placing you in the perfect position to see, hear and experience every element of your row.

Cover your cross-training needs with On The Mat workouts

To supplement your rowing efforts, Hydrow also has On The Mat workouts: these are done off the rower and still leverage the machine’s 22-inch touchscreen monitor. Your monitor pivots 25 degrees in either direction, making it easy to follow along in HD and still have plenty of space to move around.

Hydrow’s On The Mat offerings include the following class types:

- Strength and mobility classes – keep yourself in tip-top shape with classes led by Peter, Hydrow’s head strength and movement specialist. From strength workouts, killer core work to dynamic stretches in all the right places, these classes will keep you in working order.

- Pilates classes - Shaking is good! Join Hydrow Pilates instructor Christie as she takes you through various sequences designed to strengthen and lengthen your body. 

- Yoga classes - Join Channing and Owen as they take you through yoga sessions at three levels of intensity: Flow, Align, and Restore. Whether you’re interested in breaking a sweat or want to relax and unwind, you’ll never run out of classes to try! 

Community, accountability, and inspiration

There’s one component of a successful workout routine that just doesn’t get enough attention, and that is motivation. Motivation makes the difference between going after a regular workout routine with gusto and letting your at-home workout equipment collect dust. Motivation breaks records and changes lives. When you’re motivated, healthy habits are easier to establish and develop.

Hydrow is here to not only help you get your workout on, but feel great and inspired along the way. Here are a few features that will help bring the energy and get you pumped.

Training camps and initiatives

Whether it’s a daily reminder to keep you inspired or a multi-week series designed to challenge you to get to the next level, Hydrow features new initiatives and programs throughout the year to help you get inspired (try the Fitness Builder series or Beginner Training Camp!)

Members-only Facebook group

Let’s get social! Hang out with fellow Hydrow members in our members-only Facebook group. Members share their stories, wins, questions and answers each and every day.

Not on Facebook much? Hydrow’s built-in social features let you follow other members and like and comment on their recent workouts, creating a culture of encouragement.

Member stories 

People just like you from all walks of life are using an online community to help themselves move toward their fitness goals. At Hydrow, we’ve started spotlighting their incredible stories in our member series Behind The Oar. Recent installments have included:

- Sara, the business owner using Hydrow to decompress as her company navigates COVID-19 challenges;

- Bryan, the chef whose mantra “set impossible goals” helped him fight back from near-paralysis to walk his fiancé down the aisle;

- Masdak, the family man who’s lost 45 pounds since starting on Hydrow; and 

- Keira, a mom and really, really fast runner who’s using Hydrow to cross-train as she prepares for the Olympic marathon trials.

It’s important to have variety and flexibility in your workout routine. But that doesn’t mean you need to outfit an entire room of your home with equipment to be set up for success. With Hydrow, you get an all-in-one workout solution that you can access anytime you want, 24 hours a day. Learn more about us and how to get started right here, and we’ll see you on the water!