Hydrow training camps

Marie Le Hur

Hydrow Training Camps were first designed to help shake up your workout routine, reinvigorate you, and motivate you to chase your goals — whatever they may be. As we have grown, so have our programme options. Learn a bit more about our different Training Camp programmes. 

To find them, simply scroll down on the home screen by swiping from the bottom of the screen to the top until you find the header “Programs”. 

Fitness Builder program:  Our Fitness Builder Program was created to give you a strong fitness foundation and some insight into Hydrow on-water workouts while moving steadily through different aspects of the rowing motion. This nine-workout program is designed to fit into any schedule, with sessions ranging from 10 to 15 minutes.

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Beginner Training Camp:  Beginner Training Camp is the true introduction to Hydrow, where members get to experience all the different types of rowing workouts and On the Mat strength, mobility, and Pilates workouts that we offer to our community. This six-week program consists of four workouts per week and includes Breathes, Sweats, Drives, and On the Mat workouts. 

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Endurance Training Camp:  Endurance Training Camp will help you build a strong foundation so that you can tackle longer workouts with confidence. This four-week program consists of four workouts each week, culminating in a 60-minute Endurance Row. 

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Sprint Training Camp:  Our Sprint Training Camp will help you feel more comfortable at higher rhythm numbers while holding maximum power and speed throughout an entire interval. The six-week Sprint Program consists of four workouts per week, each workout targeting a different component of the sprint. All workouts are a mix of Sweats and Drives, each 30-minutes in length. 

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