Hydrow + Water.org

Marie Le Hur

Think of all the ways that water impacts your life. Drinking. Bathing. Sanitation. Rowing. Can you even picture what life would look like without access to clean water? There are currently 844 million people globally who are living without access to safe water. As an organization that strives to bring the water to our users, we believe that we have an equal responsibility to help bring safe, clean water to those communities that need it most.

Making An Impact Together

Hydrow has partnered with Water.org, an international organization dedicated to solving the global water crisis. In keeping with our core themes of community and connectedness, it was important for us to ensure that our entire Hydrow community had the opportunity to contribute to the cause. For every 60 days rowed, Hydrow donates to Water.org, helping the organization continue their mission of bringing water and sanitation to the developing world.

More than Access

Over the last 25 years, Water.org has not only improved global access to water in developing nations, but identified opportunities to implement sustainable financial solutions that empower people in these nations through access to affordable financing. These solutions are designed to break down the financial barriers that so often prevent individuals from accessing safe, clean water in their homes.

Leading by Example

Hydrow Athlete Christine is Hydrow’s Athlete Ambassador for Water.org. Before joining the Hydrow team, Christine studied environmental communication and focused on water scarcity -- an area she’s been passionate about her entire life. As an Athlete Ambassador, Christine works to bolster awareness about Water.org’s mission, and encourages members of the Hydrow community to join her in affecting change. “Water.org is an extraordinary initiative that makes a real difference in people’s lives,” says Christine. “Water scarcity is a global issue -- we’re doing our part to help solve the problem by giving people the tools they need to improve their lives. Every donation, every 60 days rowed, makes more of a difference than you can imagine.”