Instructional drills are your all-in-one resource to get the most out of your Hydrow rowing workouts

Marie Le Hur

Rowing on Hydrow is an incredibly efficient and effective whole-body workout, where you can build strength and cardio fitness in one session. To get the most out of each and every workout, even seasoned rowers know that you can always benefit from practicing your rowing stroke. To make it even easier to practice your form on Hydrow, we’ve added a new category of content to our library: Instructional Drills.

Drills are short 5-minute instructional videos where our Athletes break down key aspects of the rowing stroke in a way that is easy to understand. During the session, learn from Hydrow Athletes as they practice Drills and rowing form on a Hydrow, as you work together with them at home.  Whether you’re just starting out, are looking to improve your performance, or just want the occasional form check, Drills have a place in your regular routine. 

To find our new Drills, filter your Workout Style by Instructional in your on-demand library. We’ll be releasing more Drills in the future so be sure to check back often!

How to use Drills to improve your form

Practice pushing with your legs during the Legs Only Drill with James

Rowing is an incredible full body workout, but it may surprise you to know that most of the power in your rowing motion should come from your legs. In the Legs Only Drill, you’ll learn to avoid using your upper body too early in your stroke, while still engaging the core and lats to get a great workout. This will make your stroke more efficient resulting in lower splits and more satisfying workouts. 

Find your finish and pivot posture in the Pause Drill with Dani

You’ve probably heard of “good posture” in reference to sitting in a chair but it’s important when sitting down on your Hydrow too! During this Drill you will practice maintaining good posture through your entire stroke and hinging at your hips to move your upper body. This change will help you breathe easier, and give your upper body the space it needs to perform. 

Practice engaging your core during the Short Slide Drill with Nick

Have you ever learned to do a squat at the gym? Because rowing is a series of compound movements, it can be challenging to know exactly how far forward to reach at the catch, and how close to get the Hydrow seat to your heels. In the short slide drill, Nick will take you through a series of rowing strokes where your knees bend 25%, 50%, then 75%, to help you find your strongest catch position.

Work on your upper body strength during the Pick Drill with Laine

Want to get the best core and arm workout on Hydrow? If you’ve ever done a seated cable row at the gym, you know that rowing can give you a great arm workout, and build strength in your arms, lats and core. Not only that, but during the rowing motion your core swings from an 11 o’clock to 1 o’clock position, hinging forward and back while strengthening the muscles in your core and back. In short, the Pick Drill will help you really engage your arms and core in every rowing workout.

Why should you try these 5-minute instructional Drills?

Instructional Drills are for everyone, and there’s a big payoff to spending a little more time on your technique. “By spending a few extra minutes on your rowing technique, you can get a far better whole body workout on Hydrow and continue to see improvements in your fitness, flexibility, and split,” says Kristin Haraldsdottir, PhD, Hydrow’s Director of Exercise Research and Engagement. Drills are worthwhile to work into your regular routine and can help anyone get the most out of every rowing workout.