Introducing the bootcamp HIIT series with Laine

Leanne Yenush

By: Kristin Haraldsdottir, PhD

Bootcamp workouts are a popular workout structure that combines endurance and strength in an all-in-one format. Most bootcamps share a few common elements – they provide a mix of different energy systems so that your body is constantly challenged through a combination of HIIT, cardio, and strength training. 

The workout format of Hydrow’s Bootcamp HIIT rows are all different and are designed to work the main muscle groups in your body (upper body, lower body, core, back, and shoulders) so you get a full-body comprehensive workout. “I wanted to create the sense of a Bootcamp studio workout in our full-body rowing workouts. My goal is that in 20 minutes, you are soaking with sweat and feel like you have maximized your time,” says Laine Maher, the Hydrow Athlete leading this workout series. 

Why You Should Include Bootcamp HIIT Rows in Your Workout Lineup

They’re low-impact whole-body workouts: “Traditional Bootcamps often involve many high-impact exercises. Rowing is the perfect combination of low-impact and full-body, so you get a great workout, without the stress on your joints,” says Dr. Kristin Haraldsdottir, Ph.D., Hydrow’s Director of Exercise Research and Engagement. “A hybrid HIIT, cardio, and strength workout like the Bootcamp HIIT rows with Laine lead to incredible benefits after the workout. Some of these benefits are a higher calorie burn for hours after the workout, elevated mood, greater productivity, and better sleep.”

They’re efficient: Bootcamp HIIT Rows are an efficient way to improve both cardiovascular fitness and strength in one workout. A 20-minute Bootcamp HIIT Row gives you a full-body cardio and strength workout in half the time it would take on a bike or other at-home fitness workout! 

They’re good for your mental health: High-intensity Bootcamp-style workouts not only boost your physical fitness but also boost your mental fitness.

What You Can Expect from a Bootcamp HIIT Row

Laine designs each Bootcamp HIIT row to target multiple different energy systems and intensities. She draws from her extensive experience as a competitive rower and coach and combines it with her marathon training and love for Bootcamp-style workouts. 

These workouts are the perfect combination of strength, cardio, and HIIT. You can expect to see intervals as short as 10 seconds, all the way up to 4 minutes – all in the same row! 

How Can You Participate in the Bootcamp HIIT Series with Laine?

The easiest way to find these workouts is to filter the on-demand library by Athlete (Laine), Duration (20 minutes), and Workout Type (Bootcamp HIIT rows are Drives and Sweats). We recommend you favorite these workouts so that you can easily find them the next time you’re ready to work out and sweat it out. 

Check out some of our favorite Bootcamp HIIT workouts, available in the on-demand library now: 

We can’t wait to see you out on the water! Check out Laine on Instagram (@lainemaher) and connect with the rest of the Hydrow community in the Hydrow Training Camp Facebook group.