Introducing the Hydrow app

Leanne Yenush

Hydrow delivers more than just challenging workouts. It connects you with an entire community of individuals who are committed to living healthier lives -- physically and mentally. The Hydrow App makes it easy to stay close to Hydrow community -- even when you’re on the go.

Stay connected… and motivated.

The community feed shows users latest activities. It’s the perfect place to look for inspiration for your next row, or to cheer on friends and fellow rowers. Give their latest workout a “thumbs up” or leave a motivational comment to pump them up.

Watch your own progress.

Want to see how you’re doing? The progress tab captures each of your completed rows and workouts, making it easy to scope out your stats, and see how far you’ve come along your fitness journey. This tab also shows you how you’re tracking towards key milestones, including your 60 total days rowed, which prompts a donation to in your name, and significant metre milestones (the first one comes at 100,000 meters!)

Achieve more, together.

Hold yourself and your teammates accountable with the racing tab. Manage your teams, or scope out the standings in metres and minutes to see where you are ranking on the weekly standings. New to racing? Get all the details you need here.

The Hydrow App is now available for download on iOS devices. You can download the Hydrow App by visiting the App Store on your iOS device, and tapping the “GET” button. Note, the app is listed in the iPhone-only section in the App Store; to download it on an iPad, ensure that you narrow your selection to “iPhone-only.” Once installed, simply enter your Hydrow login details, and you’ll be good to go.

Have you tried the Hydrow App yet? We can’t wait to hear your thoughts. Connect with us on social using #Hydrow and let us know what you think!