Introducing: Yoga & awareness, 3 forms of yoga practice

Pete Donohoe

We love when our members go with the flow - whether it is with us rowing on rivers around the world or through our On the Mat yoga and Pilates classes. In fact, our workouts are designed not just to engage the body but also the mind. Rowing in harmony together, finding synchrony through balance and restoration in poses - it is all part of Hydrow’s commitment to whole health and wellbeing. 

As part of this initiative, we are excited to announce that we are adding ongoing Yoga and Awareness content. Increase your mobility and flexibility, de-stress and re-energise through our new on-demand sessions available in three categories: 

Flow: Flow-based classes, moving fluidly from one power posture to another while focusing on breath and balance. 

Align: Designed for those just getting into (or back into) yoga and those who want to further their journey of learning yoga basics and benefits. 

Restore: Also known as yin yoga, this is a slower more gradual form of practice with longer holds in each pose for deep grounding and mindful, meditative relaxation.

Yoga is welcoming and accessible for all ages, fitness levels, genders and body types. While each class is labeled Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced based on the average level of difficulty, our Hydrow Yoga and Awareness teachers will offer modifications and alternatives for poses that may go beyond your edge (a.k.a. level of comfort). That’s why we recommend, no matter where you are in your yoga exploration, to try a variety of class types and levels. Each yoga session offers something for everyone. 

Energising, relaxing, de-stressing, and reinvigorating, we look forward to guiding you on your journey to a stronger mind-body connection and greater awareness in daily life. You can access these new yoga classes, as they are added, through your Hydrow rowing machine on-demand library or through our iOS app. Share your On the Mat experiences with us, and other Hydrow members, in our Facebook Training Camp community. We’re excited to hear what you think.