New Feature: Android app - Advanced Beta

Leanne Yenush

We’ve heard your requests and we’re so excited to be launching our first Android app (Advanced Beta). The app enables you to do workouts, check progress, and update your profile. Thanks to Hydrow members who joined our initial Beta test for the Android app, we have moved on to our Advanced Beta stage, which is now available for download in the Google Play Store to members with an existing Hydrow log-in. 

Every day, our Android developers are working to update the app with more features, but we still need your help. Download the app, try it out, do a workout, and let us know what you think by tapping the feedback button in the bottom right-hand side of your screen. 

We are looking forward to more updates and features in the near future. Be sure to download the Advanced Beta here to help us get there. 

Here’s everything you need to know about the Hydrow Android Advanced Beta: 

Currently, here’s what you can do in the Android Advanced Beta App:

- Browse workout library - Complete in-app workouts - View workout history - Check progress: streaks, activity calendar, stats, and milestones  - Star and save favorite workouts - Add a profile picture

Features that are coming soon (in future updates):

- Badge showcase and notifications - Member feed: follow, like, and comment on rows  - Social sharing with Strava, Instagram, Facebook, and links  - Live workout schedule with the ability to add to calendar  - Ability to edit personal profile information - Filter workouts by category

Please note: You will need an existing Hydrow account in order to use the Advanced Beta app.

Where can I download the Advanced Beta app? 

To download the app, simply navigate to the Google Play store on your Android device and search for the keyword “Hydrow” or download the app here

When badging is available, will I see the badges that I have already earned? 

Yes, once this feature is released on the Android app, badges that you have already earned will become visible. 

Can I do workouts from the Android Advanced Beta app?

You sure can! If you’re headed out of town and are away from your Hydrow, you can still work out and maintain your streaks while you’re on the go through our entire on-demand workout library. However, please note, like in the iOS version, if you complete a rowing workout through the app, your stats will not be calculated. 

I don’t have a Hydrow, can I still access the app? 

Unfortunately, while we are still in our Advanced Beta stage, the app is only available to existing Hydrow members with an account. If you have already made an account on a Hydrow and have a username and password, you will be able to access the Hydrow Advanced Beta. However, the ability to create an active subscription through the Android app is on our feature roadmap and will be coming in a future update. 

How should I give feedback or report bugs?

While we have moved on from our initial Beta test into our Advanced Beta, it is still so important to get feedback from all of you. If you see something that isn’t working properly, please use the feedback button so that we get the relevant details about your device along with the report. Your feedback will help our developers make the necessary changes that will ultimately improve your experience.   

The feedback button is always located in the lower right-hand corner of the app. Just tap it to submit feedback about your experience.