Feature update: Personalised workout recommendations

Shelby Fanning

Deciding on a daily workout can be tough and take more time than you have, which is why we've improved the workout recommendations on your Hydrow home screen. Who doesn't love an extra boost of efficiency in their fitness routine? Instead of scrolling through our on-demand library, you’ll now have three personalised workout recommendations to help you reach your fitness goals. With these options at your fingertips, you'll never be at a loss for a great workout. Here’s a breakdown of what you can expect with each of our recommendations:

Recommended For You

Our "Recommended For You" option helps you choose the next workout that will be most effective based on your existing fitness level and workout routine. This will serve as a personalised recommendation to achieve whole-body fitness, by suggesting workouts that are additive to the work you’ve previously done with Hydrow.  And if you're already enrolled in a Hydrow Program, don't worry—your next workout will still display here.

Like Your Last

We all have our go-to workouts and routines that we love, and that’s where the “Like Your Last” recommendation comes in. This option is perfect if you have a favourite Hydrow Workout Type, or prefer to work out for the same amount of time each day. Instead of scrolling through the library, this option suggests a workout that matches your previous workout’s duration and type, so it’s easy for you to maintain a consistent routine.

Crew Favorite

Are you always looking for the latest and greatest workouts? Our “Crew Favorite” recommendation is for you! Selected by the Hydrow team, this will feature some of our latest Destinations, badge opportunities, or workouts that are currently popular in our community. It’s perfect if you’re looking to try something new or connect with other Hydrow Members on the latest workouts.

Help your friends discover Hydrow

Does this new feature sound like something that would help one of your friends out when it comes to establishing a fitness routine? Refer them to Hydrow! Your friend will receive 10% off any Hydrow Rower and you will receive $150 off apparel. Let’s help each other stay on track with our fitness goals—however that workout routine looks.