Why Hydrow is the ultimate at-home workout

Pete Donohoe

In a world where your wristwatch can tell you when it’s time to take a walk or a deep breath, it has never been easier to make your health a priority. These days, with so much technology literally at our fingertips, at-home workout enthusiasts have no shortage of options when it comes to getting a sweat in without leaving the house. There are scores of apps, machines, and exercise videos that make it easy to work out at home, no matter what your preferred exercise regimen. 

There are many reasons why people chose to workout at-home. Some people prefer the convenience, while others use it as an addition to their gym routine or for cross-training. The options that exist for a great workout at home ensure that staying healthy and continuing to make exercise an important part of our daily lives doesn't have to be something that we give up during this trying time. In fact, it's more important than ever to make health a priority. A regular workout routine is good for your body, of course, but it also helps keep your mind active, your stress levels down, and your endorphins pumping, which helps you keep a positive mental outlook. We could ALL benefit from a boost in positivity right now. 

There are a number of factors that make Hydrow the ultimate choice for an at-home workout - you may find that you enjoy the experience so much that even when you can go back to working out outside the home, you don't want to!

You Can Still Enjoy a Group Workout

One feature of a Hydrow row that many will appreciate right now is the community aspect that you can enjoy from the comfort of your own home. Even if you’re used to exercising at home, the fact that right now you really don’t have a choice in the matter might leave some feeling a bit stuck. And while technology might not take the place of real human interaction, it has the power to allow us to still feel connected to each other even when an in-person connection isn’t possible. Hydrow has focused on the community from day one, and that tight-knit team feeling is part of what makes the Hydrow experience so unique. From instructor-led videos to the community feed that lets athletes inspire each other, having the support of a team is a huge feature of this machine. So while social distancing may keep you from enjoying a lot of your regular daily activities, you can still enjoy working out with the power of a team when you become a Hydrow member.  

In addition to the team aspect, Hydrow rows are led by a number of world-class athletes that coach and inspire you from exotic locales – without you ever having to leave the house! Choose from live or pre-recorded workouts from beautiful locations around the world, led by a top-notch certified personal trainer – so while you may be working out alone in your living room, you can feel like you’re rowing with the best of the best on the Charles River or the sparkling ocean off of Miami Beach. 

A Hydrow Rower Works 86% of the Muscles in Your Body

Rowing is a full-body workout that uses your arms, back, glutes, quads, triceps, legs, and core – these muscle groups work together with each stroke, and the use of so many muscle groups at once means that when you row, you’re burning a ton of calories. Anyone familiar with rowing will tell you that it’s an intense workout, but it’s a good kind of intense, and because a rowing machine offers such a low-impact alternative to traditional fitness equipment, indoor rowing is safe for even someone brand new to exercise, because there is very little chance for injury. A rowing machine can even be used when recovering from certain injuries, and many athletes use rowing to keep up their strength and endurance after injury, when they may not be quite ready to return to high impact sports. 

Because rowing uses so many muscle groups at a time, it offers strength training and a cardio workout simultaneously. The resistance used during a row will build muscle strength, and the intensity of the exercise combined with the use of so many major muscle groups at once gives you an awesome cardio burst. The Hydrow app allows you to choose from hundreds of live and pre-recorded workouts so you can tailor your row to whatever you’re looking to get out of your workout on any particular day – we’ll examine these choices in more detail below. 

A Diverse Collection of Live and Pre-Recorded Workouts to Fit Your Mood

Whether you’re new to rowing, a seasoned veteran, in the mood for a high-intensity session, or need a row geared towards a day of active rest, the pre-recorded workouts on the Hydrow app have got you covered. There are different subcategories depending on what you’re looking for, including rowing workouts with varying degrees of intensity, and an “On the Mat” section filled with instructor-led workouts off of the machine – you can choose from everything from pilates and yoga mat work targeting specific areas of the body - core, upper body, or lower body, for example. The experienced athletes at Hydrow recognize that while rowing works a whopping 86% of your body’s muscles, sometimes it’s important to target and strengthen certain muscle groups with a different type of exercise to help strengthen the very muscles that you’ll use most in a row or to give some love to the 14% of muscles that don’t get worked during a row. 

Of course, the “On the Mat” workouts are a great bonus, but when you’re ready to get down to business and row, you can choose from 3 categories of rows (in addition to warm-up and cool-down videos), with over 100 athlete-led videos in each category:

Drive – this section focuses on maximum effort and is the target for those days when you really want to test your limits and the cardio and strength training benefits of your rower. 

Sweat – these videos focus on building endurance, but aren’t quite as intense as the rows featured in the Drive section. You can choose how long you want to row, and there are videos ranging anywhere from 10 to 45 minutes, to really let you customize your row.

Breathe – No matter how active you are, some days you just want to slow things down a bit, but not break your exercise streak. The Breathe section of videos focuses on stress relief and toning it down a notch while focusing on form.

Not in the mood to follow along with a workout? No problem. The “Journeys” tab allows you to row at your own pace and focus on your form, with only beautiful scenery on your screen rather than an instructor-led workout. 

Exercise with a Focus on Technology and Ergonomics

If you’ve not yet seen a Hydrow rowing machine in person, you’ll probably be surprised at the sleek sophistication of this piece of gym equipment – in an industry where function is usually prided more than form, a Hydrow rower gives you a first-class workout in a stylish, compact machine. When you purchase a piece of fitness equipment for your home, your first priority is understandably what type of workout you can expect. When you purchase a Hydrow rower, you’re getting a precisely engineered, expertly crafted piece of ergonomic machinery that has been designed with comfort and accessibility in mind. 

Maybe you’re just starting to plan your home gym, looking for that one piece of equipment for your home that does it all or hoping to add to your existing at-home exercise area. With a Hydrow rowing machine, you’ll get the optics of a precision piece of machinery, amazing technology that pairs you with a network of fitness experts and dedicated at-home exercisers, and the comfort of an ergonomically designed machine. Hydrow was designed with the home rower in mind – it’s smooth and quiet, comfortable and compact, so you don’t have to choose between form and function with this piece of equipment. Pair the sleek ergonomics of the machine, including a digital drag mechanism that makes for one of the smoothest rows on the market, with the awesome technology and workouts recorded across the globe, and you’ll actually feel like you’re on the water.  

Simply put, we’ve made it our business to make a Hydrow indoor rowing machine the only piece of fitness equipment you’ll ever need for the ultimate at-home workout.

To learn more about Hydrow visit the website and experience rowing reimagined.