Aviron vs. Hydrow: A Detailed Comparison for Rowers

Bri Hand

If you’ve been looking for a rowing machine to achieve your health goals, there’s a chance you’ve come across both the Aviron and Hydrow throughout your research. These two are popular choices when shopping for the best rowing machine for home and pop up in many different buying guides. 

This Aviron vs. Hydrow rower guide will give you an overview of everything you need to know about these machines. Let’s take a closer look at the Hydrow and Aviron Impact Series rower, so you can buy the best rowing machine for you.

Hydrow vs. Aviron: Quick reference 

Aviron Impact Series


Hydrow Wave






Steel and aluminum frame

Commercial-grade aluminum and steel frame

Aluminum and steel frame

Screen Size

22” adjustable, HD touchscreen

22” adjustable HD touchscreen

16” fixed screen

Resistance Mechanism

Air and magnetic resistance

Electromagnetic resistance

Electromagnetic resistance

Content Highlights

Game-based workouts with live competitions and leaderboards

Trainer-led workouts by Training Tall

Scenic rowing visuals

Guided full-body mat workouts

Content streaming options (Ex: Netflix, YouTube, Spotify, etc.)

4,000+ instructor-led rowing workouts

Live rowing competitions with leaderboards

Additional mat workouts (yoga, pilates, etc.)

Scenic waterway views from around the world

4,000+ instructor-led rowing workouts

Live rowing competitions with leaderboards

Additional mat workouts (yoga, pilates, etc.)

Scenic waterway views from around the world


97" x 21" x 43" (L x W x H)

86” L × 25” W × 47” H

80” L × 19” W × 43” H


Can fold to 54" x 21" x 62" (L x W x H)

Folds to 25″W x 33″D x 86″H and can be stored vertically with upright storage kit and vertical anchor accessory with a 7.1’ ceiling height 

Folds to 67 cm W x 76 cm D x 209 cm and can be stored vertically with upright storage kit and vertical anchor accessory with a 6.9’ ceiling height

Machine Weight

97 lbs

145 lbs

102 lbs

Max User Weight

397 lbs

375 lbs

375 lbs

Max User Height


Up to 36” inseam

Up to 36” inseam


45-minute assembly, done by user (no professionals required)

Under 30 mins (has in-home professional assembly options)

20 – 30 minutes (has in-home professional assembly options) 


1-year warranty on parts, 10-year warranty on frame. Buyers can also purchase a 2- or 3-year warranty themselves.

12-month limited warranty (can extend)

12-month limited warranty (can extend)

Membership Cost

$24/mo annually, $29/mo monthly



Aviron vs. Hydrow: A full comparison

The Aviron and Hydrow are both impressive pieces of equipment, and either would make a great addition to any home gym. 

Let’s explore the differences between these two machines to determine which is best. Both Aviron and Hydrow have multiple indoor rower models, so we are focusing on the Aviron Impact Series rower and the original Hydrow rower for this review. 

Hydrow vs. Aviron: Quality and materials

The Hydrow and Aviron are made of similar materials, with steel and aluminum monorail frames. Aviron looks more like a traditional rowing machine with a large fan visible at the front, while the Hydrow is designed to look less like traditional fitness equipment and more like a racing boat (scull), with clean lines and rounded edges. 

The Hydrow rowing machine is a solid piece of equipment, weighing 145 lbs compared to the Aviron's lower weight of 97 lbs. Both come equipped with adjustable footplates and ergonomic seats, though many users find the Hydrow seat more comfortable. The Aviron rower seat has cutouts in the seat cushioning, which some users do not love.

Aviron vs. Hydrow: Resistance mechanism 

The kind of resistance an indoor rower has will greatly affect your rowing experience.

The Hydrow rower uses a form of patented electromagnetic resistance that closely mimics the feel of real water rowing. It promises a smooth, quiet pull and is nearly silent in its operation. 

In comparison, the Aviron uses a more common combination of air resistance and magnetic resistance. The use of air to generate resistance is much louder than magnetic resistance alone. 

While both resistance mechanisms promise a good rowing workout, many users prefer the Hydrow to the Aviron. Its ability to mimic a real water feel while creating a quieter, more pleasant experience, can’t be compared to the more traditional mechanisms found on the Aviron.

Hydrow vs. Aviron: Content

The factor that truly sets these indoor rowing machines apart from their competitors is the content they offer.  

The Aviron rower has a membership option that gives users access to a content library to guide them through workouts. Many Aviron users praise it for its video game-style workout options with live leaderboards and scenic waterway views. 

Regarding rowing workouts, Aviron offers in-studio, instructor-led workouts with Austin from Training Tall, as well as some instructor-free workout program options.  

The Hydrow also has a content library, with more guided programs available than the Aviron. Where Aviron has limited workout content from one instructor, the Hydrow library includes over 4,000 workouts filmed outdoors around the world. Each workout is led by a Hydrow Athlete, including world-renowned rowers and medaled Olympians. 

Hydrow also has a library of additional on-the-mat workouts such as circuit training, yoga, and Pilates, live classes, a live leaderboard for competition, and scenic waterway views from around the globe. 

For both these machines, an Aviron membership or a Hydrow membership is required to access this content. If we had to choose between them, the Hydrow remains on top here. 

With a larger library of content and better instructors, you’re getting much more out of a Hydrow membership

Aviron vs. Hydrow: Storage

Both the Aviron and Hydrow rower are considered great pieces of fitness equipment for home thanks to their foldable storage capabilities. 

The Aviron Impact Series rower can fold itself, transforming its footprint from 97" long to about 54" in length once upright. The Hydrow rower can also create a smaller footprint because it can be folded and stored vertically. When equipped with Hydrow’s vertical wall mounting kit, a Hydrow rower can go from 86" long to just 25" wide in storage. 

While the Hydrow requires additional gear to store vertically, we love that it provides a much smaller footprint than the Aviron. 

Hydrow vs. Aviron: Price

To get the Aviron Impact Series rower on its own, users will have to spend around $1,899. In comparison, an original Hydrow rower comes in at $2,495. However, shoppers could also consider the Hydrow Wave, which is lower in price at $1,895. 

Users should also consider the membership costs of these machines in addition to their standalone price. If they want access to their content libraries, an Aviron membership will cost users $24 a month, with Hydrow memberships costing $44 a month. 

Which indoor rower should you buy? 

With a better picture of both machines, it's time to determine which is best. 

If we had to choose between the Aviron and the Hydrow rower, we have to give it up to the Hydrow. For us, this all comes down to the content. Hydrow users get more out of their membership with their workouts than they would with the Aviron. 

Though higher in price, the Hydrow offers a higher quality machine that promises better comfort, good resistance, and an amazing content library perfect for any rower.  

Bri Hand

Bri Hand is Hydrow's Content Marketing Manager and enjoys writing, singing, kayaking, and Zumba!