Hydrow membership cost (pricing guide + FAQs)

Leanne Yenush

Both the Hydrow and the Hydrow Wave are powerful pieces of connected, at-home rowing machines that offer full-body, high-energy, low-impact workouts, making it ideal for athletes and fitness enthusiasts of virtually all levels and abilities. 

However, what truly elevates the Hydrow above other at-home workout machines on the market is the Hydrow Membership experience:

  • You’ll have access to more than 4,000 rowing, yoga, pilates, and strength training Workouts to choose from, all presented in our immersive Live Outdoor RealityTM experience from hundreds of iconic destinations and waterways around the world.

  • In addition to our Workouts, we’re always keeping our calendar of events fresh with thoughtfully curated programmes, fitness challenges, holiday events, community meetups, and much more.

  • Also, as a Hydrow member, you’ll also join a global, vibrant, supportive community unlike any other that you can easily tap into for support and motivation. 

But how much does a Hydrow Membership cost? 

How much does Hydrow Membership cost?

All-inclusive Hydrow Membership 

The all-inclusive Hydrow Membership provides everything you need to maximise your investment in the Hydrow (and your health) and costs €44 per month, plus any applicable taxes. 

That cost, however, is not per user, it’s per household. For instance, if you live with a partner or have other family members at home who may want to use the Hydrow, they do not need to purchase an additional membership. One Hydrow Membership will cover all of you, and the creation of your unique profiles. 

Digital Basic Subscription

If you’re still evaluating whether or not you’re ready to invest in a Hydrow rowing machine for your home, the Digital Basic Subscription – which costs €19.77 per month, plus applicable taxes – can be a great way to take the Hydrow Membership experience for a test drive.

While this subscription type can be used without a Hydrow, its functionality and features are limited. For example, your workout data will not be stored for progress tracking, and you will only have access to on-demand content. 

What’s included with a paid Hydrow Membership?

Filmed at hundreds of breath-taking waterways around the world – from the Charles River in Boston, to the Thames in the heart of London – your immersive Live Outdoor RealityTM rowing Workout options include:

  • Thousands of live and on-demand rowing workouts that cater to all paces, experience levels, and schedules (no matter where you are in the world). 

  • Workouts ranging in intensity from foundational cardio workouts (if you’re new to fitness, this is a fantastic option), to workouts that push you to your limits – for instance, high-intensity interval training (HIIT).

  • Journey rowing workouts – which are offered in both guided and unguided experience options – take you on rows through scenic waterways, allowing you to explore and move at your own pace.

  • Test your performance and hit new milestones with Distance rows, featuring ranges between 250 and 10,000 metres.

  • You can also join fitness challenges and earn badges throughout the year. For instance, our Commit to Fit: Fall Refresh is a four-week challenge where you can build healthy habits with our crew.

Every workout will be led by a member of our diverse team of Elite Athletes, who are celebrated champions, as well as accomplished national and international team members. But what sets them apart is their authenticity and how they show up on the water. 

In every Workout, you’ll know you’re learning from the best rowers in the world while also feeling as if you’re rowing alongside a close friend.

You can also complement your rowing classes with a wide range of other Live Outdoor RealityTM Workouts, including strength training, mobility, pilates, yoga, and stretching. 

Additional membership benefits include:

  • Connection to the Hydrow community. Get inspired by each other, take part in team challenges, and cheer each other on as you reach new milestones.

  • A dynamic history of your workouts, progress, statistics, and more, for the lifetime of your membership.

  • Access to all Hydrow workout content through the Hydrow app on iOS and Android to support your goals and lifestyle.

Given the immersive and community-based nature of the Hydrow Membership, it’s an essential part of the Hydrow experience, as it enables the majority of the functionality of the Hydrow. Our Hydrow Membership is designed with purpose and intentionality to meet you where you are – with an equally human experience that supports you at every step along the way in your journey, at your pace.

Can you use a Hydrow without purchasing a Hydrow Membership?

Technically yes, you can use it without a membership. We offer something called Just Row mode, which allows you to simply use the machine. 

Just Row mode includes:

  • Adjustable drag / resistance setting during workouts

  • "Hydrow 101" videos and introductory material

  • On-screen Rowing Metrics during workouts

  • Bluetooth Connection for heart rate monitors only

Keep in mind that Just Row mode isn’t a feature so much as it’s a lack of features, so we don’t encourage the purchase of a Hydrow without a Hydrow Membership.

Using your Hydrow in Just Row mode will prohibit access to all live and recorded workout videos, the ability to play any music or audio, storage of your workouts or progress, saved statistics about your workouts, leaderboard ranking, streaming workouts, and more. 

Is the Hydrow Membership itself an additional investment? Yes, but according to our community members, it’s worth it:

“Such a great implementation of a rowing machine. Not only is the kit of excellent quality, the streaming content is also excellent and the instructors are engaging and thoroughly supportive, which keeps you coming back to row day after day and really going for it. Ditch the gym membership and buy one of these instead.” – Jon

“My wife and I have had our Hydrow for about three months and I wanted to wait to get a fuller experience before posting a review. I can say - without reservation - that this is the best (and most fun) exercise that I have had since my high school track and field days. I've never had any workout of any type where I looked forward to the exercise itself. 

Yes, the membership fee isn't trivial at around €40 a month - but, given the wide range of workout types (both on the rower and on a mat), it is worth the price and I feel like I am getting a real value. Yes, gym memberships can be comparable - but I always found myself looking for excuses not to go to the gym. I don't have that problem with Hydrow.” – Grant