Celebrating Black History Month 2022

Leanne Yenush

Black History Month is a celebration of achievements by African Americans, and a time to honor and acknowledge the contributions of important Black people and events throughout history with the whole Hydrow community. Here at Hydrow, we’re committed to fostering a more inclusive sport and community, and Black History Month provides a backdrop for us to energize and scale that commitment.

“At Hydrow, our mission is to create a beautiful human experience,” said Jackie Hazan, Hydrow’s Chief People Officer. “Bringing intention around how we foster a diverse and inclusive human experience as we celebrate Black History Month is a critical part of the foundation on which we will grow an equitable community.”

As an organization, we’ve identified several key themes we’re focused on this year that will be at the forefront of our efforts to commemorate Black History Month, both as an organization and a community:

- Celebration – at its core, Black History Month is exactly that: a celebration of the incredible contributions Black people have made to history, and the richness and depth of Black culture. 

- Black health and wellness – deemed the theme of Black History Month 2022 by the Association for the Study of African American Life and History (ASALH), this considers the activities, rituals and initiatives that Black communities have done to be well, as well as the legacies of Black scholars and health and wellness practitioners. 

- Inclusion – creating (and maintaining) environments in which all individuals feel welcomed and supported, especially within spaces where inclusivity has historically been deprioritized. 

- Equality – providing equal opportunities for all, and actively preventing discrimination. This means acknowledging inequalities, and telling the stories of those who have been systematically marginalized or underrepresented.  

Throughout the month of February, we’ll explore these themes and celebrate Black History Month our favorite way: together. Here’s a look at what’s on deck this month:

- All-new Black History Month-themed workouts, including special rows and playlists

- Thoughtful conversations about diversity and inclusion in the sport of rowing, including Instagram Lives with our Athletes and Brannon Johnson, founder of BLJ Community Rowing, the only Black-owned and operated rowing organization in the country. 

- Read more about our relationship with BLJ Community rowing here and here.

Keep an eye on your inbox and our Instagram for updates on rows, workouts and events taking place all month long.