Celebrating Black History Month 2021

Marie Le Hur

As we kick off Black History Month, this year we are celebrating the joy, resilience and inspiration found throughout Black history.

As an organisation, we have made a commitment to dedicate our energy and resources to inclusion, fairness and equality.

Throughout the month of February, we’ll be sharing the stories of our team members, our Athletes and community members, both in our workouts, here on our blog and across our social media channels. We’ll also share educational resources, including podcasts, articles and discussion panels that celebrate and explore Black history.

There will be plenty of opportunities for our community members to engage, share their perspective and continue these important conversations -- all while celebrating the innumerable ways Black history and culture shape the world we live in today. 

We recognise that there is always more to be done. We all share the responsibility to elevate and support Black voices, initiatives and businesses -- not just this month, but every single day. We hope you’ll join us as we continue to listen, learn and work together towards a more inclusive and equal future.