Join the form check challenge 2021

Leanne Yenush

In celebration of National Learn to Row Day, our fitness experts at Hydrow have selected three technique workouts that will help you improve your form no matter where you are in your Hydrow journey. If you complete these three rows between June 5th (National Learn to Row Day) and June 15th, you’ll have successfully completed the Form Check Challenge—and you’ll earn a new badge to celebrate your achievement!

Spearheaded by USRowing, National Learn to Row Day celebrates the power of rowing by inviting newcomers to experience it for the first time. While the basics of the rowing motion are easy to master, experienced rowers—including Hydrow Athletes—will tell you that there are always opportunities to continue to improve your technique. Focusing on your form trains your body to move efficiently so that you can get more from each workout and finish your rows feeling stronger and more satisfied.

Form Check Challenge 

Complete the following three workouts between Saturday, June 5th (National Learn to Row Day) and Tuesday, June 15th at 11:59 pm local time to receive your Form Check Challenge badge. Easily find these workouts in your on-demand library by filtering for Workout Style: Technique, Duration, Athlete, and Workout Type. You can also favorite the workouts in your Hydrow app, making them convenient to find and complete later. 

15-min Breathe, “1-2-3-3-2-1 Intervals Row” with Nick released on 4/20/21 This row will help you master the basics of your rowing stroke by breaking it down into three distinct movements. 

15-min Sweat, “Short Slide Row” with Aquil released on 5/11/21 In this row, you’ll practice shortening your rowing stroke so you can build a strong pattern of movement to carry you through your full stroke.  

15-min Breathe, “Pick Drill Row” with Laine released on 5/25/21 In this row, you’ll focus on engaging your arms and core for total body engagement.   

After completing all three technique workouts, you’ll see the Form Check Challenge badge in your Hydrow app (download the app on iOS or Android). You may also see positive changes in your workouts—including improvements in your split and a higher calorie burn from each row!

Keep rowing, keep learning

If you’d like to continue improving on your form, we recommend trying our technique workouts, which are added to the library each #TechniqueTuesday. You can easily find these workouts by filtering for Technique under Workout Style in your on-demand library. 

If you’re just getting started rowing on Hydrow, try the recommended row on your Hydrow home screen or try our Learn to Row or Fitness Builder programs, which you can find by scrolling down on your Hydrow home screen. We also offer Personal Coaching for members who are seeking additional feedback and personalised guidance.  

The Hydrow team is here to help you get the most out of every workout. We hope you join us in celebrating the full-body power of rowing by participating in our Form Check Challenge this month!