Hydrow Pride logo 2021

Leanne Yenush

The Hydrow Pride logo was informed by the Progress Flag (please click here to learn more about the various Pride flags). From the first Hydrow Pride, we have used the “Philly Flag” to inform our Pride designs. The Philly Flag builds on the “traditional” 6-colour Pride flag by adding in black and brown to represent marginalised LGBTQIA+ communities of colour. The Progress Flag includes the elements of the Philly Flag and adds white, pink, and baby blue, which are used on the transgender flag. We chose to use this flag variation because it best represents inclusivity and diversity in all forms. We want to best and boldly represent that everyone is welcome and loved in our Hydrow community.

In choosing the Progress Flag as our inspiration, we are embracing a message of inclusivity that extends beyond a single month and represents our ongoing commitment to supporting the LGBTQIA+ community. For that same reason, we didn’t want to just slap our logo onto the existing flag; we wanted to make it our own while remaining true to the values that informed it. In our new logo, we were able to maintain the ordering of colors to match those found in the Progress Flag and pay homage to the original.

We hope you celebrate Pride Month 2021 with us! #HydrowPride