New workout apparel from 776BC – designed by rowers, made for Hydrow

Leanne Yenush

We’re passionate about empowering you to make the most of every workout. One year ago, we set out on a collaboration with 776BC to develop the ultimate indoor rowing apparel. Designed by professional rowers for absolute freedom of movement, the Hydrow x 776BC range maximizes comfort and performance for every workout.

Developed by two-time Olympian and Beijing Olympic silver medallist Cameron McKenzie-McHarg, 776BC makes performance apparel that’s technical, stylish, and comfortable. In fact, our own Hydrow Athletes already wear 776BC gear both on water with us and in their own professional competitive pursuits. We knew the brand, we wore the brand, so it was prime time to bring the brand to our crew too. 

We’re excited to officially launch the Hydrow x 776BC collection, now available for purchase on the Hydrow apparel store. The gear is inspired by our Hydrow Athletes, bringing together the best design features from 776BC’s technical range paired with our distinctive Hydrow look and feel. The collection includes performance features such as moisture-wicking breathable fabric, anti-microbial carbon fiber mesh, functional pockets, and non-slip silicone bands.

“As a rower, I know 776BC apparel is some of the most comfortable form fitting gear available. I’m so excited for our members to have the opportunity to feel the on water rowing experience through these pieces. The silicone band is an awesome feature that keeps the apparel in place during even my toughest workouts. The new sports bra and shorts set are an easy go-to for me!”

- Hydrow Athlete Mac Evans

“It's great to work out in and looks stylish too. The team worked with 776BC to create  gear designed so our members can maximize form, technique, and reflect what we really wear on the water. Rowing in 776BC feels so natural because it works with rowing movements.”

- Hydrow Athlete Nick Karwoski

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776 B.C. is the founding year of the ancient Olympic Games — when sport as we know it began, and thus the inspiration behind the brand name. The company’s motto states: “For true athletes, sport isn't a race to the finish line. It's a lifelong commitment, a vow to give everything, no matter what.” Here at Hydrow, we’re celebrating every day that you move, and we love that 776BC shares our belief that every workout, no matter how small, is something to be proud of. 

When it comes to community, sustainability and accessibility, they also commit to “having a positive impact on the communities we serve and environment in which we operate and compete… As athletes, nature is the backdrop to our most epic pursuits and we’re committed to respecting and protecting it.”