#HydrowThanksYou Challenge

Leanne Yenush

While this year’s Thanksgiving may not bring you together with friends and family, we’ve created an opportunity to connect with the Hydrow community. Join us in sharing a good workout over the holiday weekend and enjoy your turkey dinner after a good sweat. 

We are so thankful for our entire crew, so we wanted to express our gratitude by offering the #HydrowThanksYou Challenge. You, or community, inspire us on a daily basis and we are eternally grateful for the support and positivity that you share. So, this year, come together to earn our special Thanksgiving-themed badge by completing one of our Turkey Day workouts. 

Here’s everything you need to know about the #HydrowThanksYou Challenge: 

How do I earn the #HydrowThanksYou badge? 

You can earn this one-of-a-kind Thanksgiving-themed badge by completing one of four special workouts between the time that they are available at 5AM ET on Thursday, November 26th through Sunday, November 29th at 11:59PM ET. When Thanksgiving weekend comes to a close, these workouts will still be available in the library, but the challenge will have ended. 

What are the four workouts that count to this challenge?

- Peter & Laine’s 30-minute On the Mat Thanksgiving Burn Circuit filmed in Lake Winnipesaukee - Christie’s 20-minute On the Mat Gratitude Pilates filmed in Martha’s Vineyard - Dani Hani’s 10-minute Breathe Gold Medal Attitude Row filmed in Boston  - Laine’s 30-minute Breathe #TBT: Steady Power Row filmed in Miami Beach

To complete the challenge, you must finish at least one of the four workouts. 

How will I find the workouts? 

Starting on Thursday morning, these workouts will be available in Hydrow’s on-demand library. To find the rows, either filter for them, or just look for the wishbone badge on the top left corner of the workout tiles. Pro tip, it looks a little something like this: 

What if I am away from my Hydrow, will I still be able to complete the Challenge? 

Of course - if you are travelling for the holiday, you can still complete the Challenge and earn the badge. Be sure to download our Hydrow iOS App and join in on any (or all) of the four special workouts. 

We are so grateful to have you with us for every stroke, metre, race, and workout -- share what you’re thankful for on social using the hashtag #HydrowThanksYou and connect with other members of the Hydrow community.