#HydrowWinTheDay Daily inspirations

Leanne Yenush

Welcome to 2021! Whether this is your first time on Hydrow or you are a seasoned rower, we have a program that fits you and a crew to support you every step of the way. Welcome to #HydrowWinTheDay, a celebration of you and your daily wins. 

Let’s face it, New Year’s resolutions were made to be broken (in fact, research says each year 80% of resolutions are ditched before February). They’re often just too lofty, too large, and too overwhelming to follow through on. Well, we say out with the old and in with the crew! We want to help by providing you with daily messages of encouragement and support to break that cycle and create a lifestyle of health and fitness - celebrating daily wins, no matter how small. 

Opt in for our our #HydrowWinTheDay daily workout inspirations and motivations, which can be delivered to you via email or Hydrow iOS app push notification. A great workout can change your entire day, but a great workout routine can change your life. Start chipping away at your fitness goals by making your health a habit. 

No matter how light or long your workout, every time you jump on your Hydrow for a quick row or take an On the Mat class like yoga or Pilates, it is a step in the right direction of reaching your health and fitness goals - and each day should be celebrated. Small steps add up and our #HydrowWinTheDay inspirational messages are here to help.

These daily motivations begin January 1, 2021 and you can opt in (or out) at any time. Perfect for all fitness levels and interests, they’re crafted for long time rowers and those new to the sport. 

For more information on #HydrowWinTheDay, read these FAQs:

How do I sign-up for Hydrow’s daily inspirational messages? 

You have two options -- either receive them as push notifications through our iOS App, or sign up to receive them via email here

If you choose to receive them through the iOS App, follow these quick steps:  1. Download the Hydrow iOS app, if you don’t yet have it and log in with your Hydrow account information 2. Open the Hydrow iOS app  3. Tap on the “More” tab (three dots in lower right corner) 4. Tap the switch to enable “Win the Day push notifications” -- you will know your #HydrowWinTheDay notifications are on when the dark blue circle is on the right

#HydrowWinTheDay through the iOS App

Please note: if you are not seeing the #WinTheDay options, please update your app and make sure you have the most up-to-date version downloaded. 

If you would prefer to get your daily inspiration notes from Team Hydrow through your email, please sign-up here. The daily inspirations will be the same for both email and app messages. 

It is important to note that if you sign up for both email inspirations and app notifications, you will get the same message twice -- double the daily inspiration! 

Can I sign up for the daily inspirations through the Hydrow Android App? 

While our Android App currently does not support our #HydrowWinTheDay daily inspirations, this feature will be coming very soon as it is a top priority on our Android roadmap. In the meantime, get your daily dose of motivation by signing up for our #HydrowWinTheDay emails here and we will let you know the minute you can sign up in your Android app. 

Can I sign up for #HydrowWinTheDay daily inspirations at any point?

Yes! You can opt in for (or out of) daily inspirations at any point -- there is no cut-off. 

How do I opt out of the daily inspirations? 

On the iOS app, you turn off daily inspirations the same way you turned them on. If you signed up for messaging through email, you can opt out by clicking the link here

We look forward to celebrating our daily wins together. Share your day-by-day successes on and off Hydrow on Instagram and Facebook using #HydrowWinTheDay for a chance to be featured. Here’s to a great start on a great, new year!