Introducing Training Camp: Sprint programme

Pete Donohoe

The main goal of Hydrow Training Camp is to help shake up your workout routine, motivate you to chase new goals and hold each other accountable to achieve those goals. By committing to six weeks of work, we are committing to bettering ourselves -- each and every time we sit down on that Hydrow.

First came Training Camp, taking the form of Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced levels -- each one curated by our coaching staff to help you get the most out of your Hydrow journey, helping you gain confidence with every stroke. Next was our Endurance Programme, designed to help you build a strong foundation to tackle longer workouts without skipping a beat. 

And now, we are introducing our new Sprint Programme - launching Thursday, July 16. Here’s the scoop:

What is the Hydrow Sprint Programme?

Our Sprint Programme will help you feel more comfortable at higher rhythm numbers, while holding maximum power and speed throughout an entire interval. This six-week program will help you get the most out of your workouts (and the most meters, too). 

Each workout was designed and hand-selected by our Chief Coach, Justin Moore, and exercise physiologist, Kristin Haraldsdottir, to maximise your results. All workouts serve a specific purpose. Whether building power, working on HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) performance, improving endurance by maintaining your split, or a hybrid of all of the above, this program will leave you feeling better prepared for future rows. 

What does the Sprint Programme look like?

The Sprint Programme consists of four workouts per week, each workout targeting a different component of the sprint. All workouts are a mix of Sweats and Drives, all 30-minutes in length, with a 5-minute Assessment Row at the end to mark your great progress. Compete with yourself by pushing to beat your previous metrics and utilise the familiar names that you see on the leaderboard to propel you over the end-line. 

I just got my Hydrow, can I do it?

Yes. This program is accessible to everyone, but we highly recommend completing the Learn to Row series and Beginner Training Camp first to truly maximise your experience before jumping into Sprint Program. 

Do I have to complete all levels of Training Camp first?

No. Completing all three levels of Training Camp isn’t mandatory, but having a base level of rowing before starting this program is important -- that’s why the Learn to Row series and Beginner Training Camp programs are a great starting point.

Is there a special Facebook group for this program?

Not quite! The existing Hydrow Training Camp Facebook group is the best place to engage with other Hydrow community members to support one another and drive personal change. Whether you're a new user getting started or seasoned rower, this is the perfect place to share your stories, workouts, questions, and ideas. You can join the Facebook group here

Do I need to sign up for Hydrow’s Sprint Program? Where can I find it on my Hydrow?

There’s no sign-up or registration necessary to participate. You can start any time you feel ready. 

Beginning July 16, simply scroll down on your Hydrow's Home screen to the Training Camp section, then tap the Sprint Program track. If you still can’t locate the Sprint Training Camp workouts, check out our support article.