Is Rowing Good for Golf? A Swing Toward Better Performance

Nick Karwoski

Often lauded as a sport of precision and finesse, golf demands more than just skill with a club in hand. Behind every powerful swing and accurate putt lies a foundation of strength, endurance, flexibility, and mental focus. While the fairways and greens remain the main stage for golf, it’s essential to recognize that enhancing your overall fitness can significantly elevate your golf performance.

One powerful ally in this endeavor is rowing. In this article, we’ll explore the common question, "Is rowing good for golf?" along with the symbiotic relationship between rowing and golf and the many benefits that rowing can bring to your golf game. 

Let’s get started! 

Is a rowing machine good for golf? Yes! 

At first glance, rowing and golf may seem like distant relatives within the realm of sports. Yet a deeper understanding reveals the undeniable connection between the two. Both require a blend of physical and mental prowess, as well as the harmonious synchronization of various muscle groups. 

Much like the golf swing, rowing engages the entire body, making it an ideal complementary exercise for golfers aiming to up their game. 

The benefits of rowing on golfing

Still wondering whether rowing is a good exercise for golf? Below, we'll explore the benefits of rowing on golfing, including:

  1. Increased core strength

  2. Improved posture and body awareness

  3. Increased endurance

  4. Enhanced flexibility and range of motion

  5. Boosted mental focus and reduced stress

Let's dig in more below.

1. Increasing core strength: The power behind the swing

A strong and stable core is the cornerstone of an efficient golf swing. Rowing is a full-body workout that hones in on your core muscles, providing the strength necessary for generating the force behind each of your swings. 

As you row, your core engages to stabilize your body and maintain proper form, which translates directly to improved balance and power on the golf course.

2. Improving posture and body awareness: A balanced stance

Golfers are acutely aware of the importance of posture in achieving accurate shots. Rowing helps promote proper posture by strengthening the muscles responsible for maintaining an upright stance. 

The repeated motion of rowing encourages body awareness, helping you fine-tune your posture both on and off the golf course. A balanced and aligned body enhances your ability to address the ball and execute each swing flawlessly. 

3. Increasing endurance: Staying strong from tee to green

Golf is a game of stamina, requiring players to traverse the course over several hours (if you opt to go golf cart-free). With a ton of cardiovascular benefits, rowing builds endurance that can directly translate to the golf course. Improved cardiovascular health ensures you stay strong and focused throughout your round, maintaining the precision and consistency needed for successful shots even as fatigue sets in. 

4. Enhancing flexibility and range of motion: A fluid swing

Flexibility is a golfer’s secret weapon for achieving a fluid and powerful swing. Rowing promotes joint mobility and flexibility, especially in the shoulders, hips and spine — critical areas for executing a seamless swing!

As your body becomes more flexible through rowing, you’ll find it easier to achieve a full range of motion in your golf swing, resulting in increased clubhead speed and better ball contact. 

5. Boosting mental focus and reducing stress: The mind-body connection

Golf is a mental game as much as it is physical. Rowing, with its rhythmic and repetitive motion, provides an opportunity for mindfulness and mental focus. The meditative quality of rowing can help you develop mental discipline, which is invaluable on the golf course where concentration and composure are key. 

Additionally, rowing acts as a stress reliever, helping you manage the pressure of the game and enhancing your ability to stay calm under par-pressures. 

Rowing toward a better golf game, stroke by stroke

As you strive to improve your golf game, consider the holistic benefits rowing can bring to the fairway. The synergy between these two seemingly distinct activities can significantly elevate your performance and overall well-being. Whether you’re a weekend warrior or an avid golfer, incorporating rowing into your fitness routine can be a game-changer. 

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Remember, the journey towards a better golf game isn't limited to the greens — it extends to the gym, the track, and even the living room where your rowing machine awaits. Embrace the power of rowing and unlock a new dimension of strength, flexibility, and focus that will undoubtedly reflect in your performance on the golf course. It's time to row your way to a better swing and a more fulfilling golfing experience!

Nick Karwoski

When Nick was on the U.S. National Triathlon Team, rowing was a part of his training routine since it combined all of the muscle groups needed in running, swimming, and biking. The perfect workout buddy, Nick brings a welcomed level of energy that will get you moving no matter your mood. Look out for his seemingly-endless collection of funky socks you’ll find him wearing out on the water.