Join us in celebrating Lunar New Year

Kelly Johnson

Lunar New Year is a major celebration in China and other Asian countries around the world that begins with the first new moon of the lunar calendar. The holiday is traditionally marked with festivals, feasts, and quality time with family. This year, join us for a special Pilates workout with Christie Wang as we welcome a new year filled with excitement, luck, and prosperity! 

Find Christie’s 15-min Lunar New Year Core Pilates workout in the library on 2/1.

During this celebratory workout, she’ll share more about her experience celebrating Lunar New Year, and will give an introduction to the Chinese zodiac. Each Lunar New Year is associated with one of 12 animals from the Chinese zodiac - and 2022 is the Year of the Tiger! 

We sat down with Christie to learn more about her workout and her workout and experience celebrating Lunar New Year:

What can Members expect during your Lunar New Year workout?

Christie: “It’s a standard Pilates workout with three different circuits that focus on core, lower body and glutes, and then a challenge circuit at the end. What makes the workout special will be the story behind it, where I’ll talk about my personal experience celebrating Lunar New Year as well as more on the Chinese zodiac and an introduction to the holiday.”

Can you say more about your personal experience celebrating the Lunar New Year?

Christie: “I grew up in the United States but in China this is a huge country-wide celebration that’s very joyous — many people get two weeks off work so it’s a big deal! Coming to the U.S. and being a child of immigrants, it’s a little different since we didn’t have as much family around but some of our traditions are things like dressing up in traditional clothing, elders exchanging envelopes of money with younger family members for good luck, special foods that are symbolic, and definitely gatherings. It’s changed as I’ve gotten older but I’m looking forward to celebrating with my family this year.”

Do you have any favorite Lunar New Year memories or traditions?

Christie: “I have a very distinct memory of being five or six and I was part of one of the dragon dances at a Chinese community center. I remember my Mom had made a big felt ball with bells that I was supposed to jingle in the background and I remember all the bells fell off! There’s been so much variety over the years but that’s a funny memory that stands out to me.”

Why are you excited for Members to join you for this workout?

Christie: “I’m excited for Members to join me in this celebratory moment in Asian culture and share a different side of my own personal experience and story. Even if Members haven’t celebrated before, this is a small way I can invite them to learn more and be included!”