Hydrow Presents: Race on the Thames 2022

Amanda Crawford

The Boat Race is an historic event between Cambridge University and Oxford University that’s been happening annually since 1829. Each spring, the two rivals go head-to-head down the River Thames in London as millions watch-on from around the world. For years, the race has been exclusive to rowers from these competing Boat Clubs—and now it’s your turn to join the action! Earn your special-edition badge by taking part in one of rowing’s oldest traditions during our own Race on the Thames happening March 30th to April 4th.

To film Race on the Thames, we sent six Hydrow Athletes to the UK where they were met by a community of award-winning rowers. Together, they raced the iconic 4.25 mile course in Southwest London to bring you our twist on this iconic event (and a little friendly competition, too). Race on the Thames is nearly 22 minutes in duration and features two boats teamed with renowned Athletes including:

Show Off That Badge!

Whether you’re in it to win it or are simply excited to row this historic course with your crew, we want to celebrate with you. Share your participation on social media and in Hydrow Training Camp using @Hydrow #FeeltheHydrowHigh. We can’t wait for you to race with us! To learn more about Race on the Thames and why Hydrow created this special event, read more here.

Tune into the Boat Race live

Hydrow is proudly the Official Fitness Partner of The Gemini Boat Race 2022 happening on Sunday, April 3rd in London. If you’d like to join in on the action of the event, you can watch live on BBC in the UK and with YouTube live streaming in the US. 

Have questions about Race on the Thames? Here are some answers.

What is the Race on the Thames? 

The Race on the Thames is a nearly 22-minute race featuring six Hydrow Athletes, notable UK rowers, and renowned coxswains Mary Whipple and Phelan Hill. Think of the coxswain like the coach of the boat and the person who gives you cues during your race. Race on the Thames is a special opportunity for you to experience the official historic course with our Athletes and your fellow Hydrow teammates. 

How long will this race be available?

Race on the Thames 2022 will be available in your on-demand library starting Wednesday, March 30th at 5 am ET until Monday, April 4th at 9 am ET. Complete the row during this window to earn your badge and be included in our race results posted on Tuesday, April 5th

Where can I find Race on the Thames 2022? 

Filter Workout Style in the on-demand library by Race on the Thames. Using this filter, you’ll also find Warm-Ups and Cool-downs to help you get ready and recover from the race. 

What can I do to prepare for the race?

To set you up for success, we’ve put together some Racing Tips to help you feel confident heading into Race on the Thames and feel great once you’re finished.

Do I have to row this workout like a race?

No! Feel free to make this event as competitive as you would like, or just take it easy. This workout is an opportunity for you to celebrate with the Hydrow community and enjoy the energizing feeling of rowing with a team. Completing the workout itself is an accomplishment! 

When will the race results become available? 

On Tuesday, April 5th, we’ll post the results from Race on the Thames 2022 on the Hydrow blog. You can complete the race as many times as you’d like while it’s available, but only your top meters will be included in the final standings. 

We’ll provide both full-race standings as well as standings broken down by age/gender so you can see how you stack up against others in your bracket. If you don’t want to wait for the official results, you can also filter and compare stats using your Dock leaderboard available in the workout history in your Hydrow app.

Even though this is a race, there will be no additional prize for winning your bracket. Everyone who participates during the race weekend will earn a special badge celebrating their participation.

What if I am away from my Hydrow? Will I be able to do this workout another time? 

We’ll re-publish the Race on the Thames workout to our demand library on Sunday, April 10th so you can complete it anytime. Only Members who complete the race between 5 am ET on Wednesday, March 30th and 9 am ET on Monday, April 4th will be eligible to earn a badge and have their results posted on the Hydrow blog.

Can I participate in the race if I have a Hydrow Digital Basic membership?

While you will still be able to complete the row in the mobile app and earn a badge for your efforts, your stats will not count towards the leaderboard. 

I don’t have my age and/or gender visible. Will my meters still count on the leaderboard?

Your meters will still count towards your progress, and you will be included in the full-race standings. In order to be included in the broken-down standings, both your gender and your age range must be included. 

Is there a special Facebook group for this race?

The Hydrow Training Camp Facebook group is the best place to cheer on other Members and engage in some healthy competition. Challenge some familiar faces on the leaderboard and see how you stack up against the rest of the community.