Row With Hart: Row in real-time

Leanne Yenush

Live Outdoor Reality™ is about to get even more exciting thanks to our new Creative Director Kevin Hart. This month’s #RowWithHart session has done something no other interactive fitness device has ever attempted before - a celebrity rowing virtually in real-time with a Hydrow Athlete live on the water. 

This extra special episode will be available on-demand for the month of February starting Saturday, January 30th at 5 AM ET through Sunday, February 28th. Work out in rhythm with Kevin Hart as he rows along (and jokes around) with Dani Hani in this entertaining tête-à-tête sweat. 

This 10-minute technique row will take you through the beautiful Indian River in Miami Beach and give you a first-person view of Kevin Hart’s own private gym. From coconut gauntlets to little row nuggets, we don’t want to give too much away -- you’ll just have to jump on and experience it for yourself. 

Once you’ve rowed your Hart out, share how much you enjoyed it on social by tagging @hydrow_by_crew and using the #RowWithHart hashtag for a chance to be featured. We can’t wait to see your selfies (and if you get as sweaty as Kevin and Dani)!

Quick #RowWithHart FAQs: 

When will the #RowWithHart workout be available on Hydrow and how do I find it? 

This workout will be available on-demand starting at 5am ET on Saturday, January 30th. But don’t feel like you need to rush to your Hydrow at 5am, this row will be available for an entire month.  

To find this row, look in the on-demand library for the title #RowWithHart. You can also use the filters in the library and go by “Location: Miami, Duration: 10 minutes” and find the one titled “#RowWithHart Technique Row”.

How long will this workout be available? 

The first two installments of Row With Hart are already over, this third one will only be available for one month -- from Saturday, January 30th through Sunday, February 28th. They are only on Hydrow for a limited time, so make sure you jump on and experience them as they happen. 

Will this happen more than once? 

Yes! New #RowWithHart workouts are added monthly, keep an eye out on your email and our social channels for future dates and times.

I only have the iOS app, will I still be able to complete the workout with Kevin Hart? 

Definitely, this exclusive experience is available to our entire Hydrow community - whether you row on your Hydrow or are a Hydrow Digital Basic member. If you’re away from your Hydrow, don’t worry, you can complete any on-demand workout from your iOS or Android device.  

Download the iOS App here. Download the Android Advanced Beta App here

Is the row explicit? 

Kevin Hart colour commentary is just that… colourful. Just like you may feel the urge to occasionally curse during a long interval or a change in speed, Kevin Hart is the same. Please be aware that there may be explicit language in these workouts. 

Don’t forget to use the hashtag #RowWithHart on social media to connect with Kevin Hart and other members of the Hydrow community who joined in on the fun.