Safe Water Challenge: Training programme

Leanne Yenush

A note from our CEO and founder, Bruce Smith: I love the different kinds of workouts that our athletes share on Hydrow, and you can put them together in a series to make the most of your training. In the coaching world, we refer to the sequence of workouts in a week/month/season as “periodisation.” The concept is really simple -- you shouldn't do too many intense workouts in a row, or your muscles won't have time to recover and improve. At the same time, you shouldn't do too many low-intensity days in a row because you'll be missing out on some of the benefits from your workouts -- so it’s all about balance. At Hydrow, we have an in-depth understanding of periodisation gained over decades of coaching. This month, try this 6-day workout sequence for the Safe Water Challenge:

  • Day 1: Start strong with a Push

  • Day 2: Recover with a Breathe

  • Day 3: Challenge yourself with a Drive

  • Day 4: Strengthen your core On the Mat pilates

  • Day 5: Find your flow with a Journey

  • Day 6: Peak with a Drive

Aim for 20 minutes for each session, but don't worry if you don't have time -- it’s more important to show up for yourself, your Hydrow community and for the positive impact you’ll make with

See you on the water, Bruce