Setting goals for 2020

Leanne Yenush

As we reflect back on our successes of 2019, it’s also a great time to start to focus on our 2020 goals. For some of our Hydrow Athletes, that means pushing towards the final chapter of preparation for Tokyo. For others, it means being a better dad, a better surfer, a first-time marathoner, or pushing through injury or family illness. The common theme? Their unwavering belief in achieving those goals. We’ve found that this belief begins with simply writing our goals down on paper. Check out how some of our Athletes are approaching their 2020 goals.

Mac’s approach to goal setting: “When I approach a new goal, I like to think about how I want to feel when my training is over. I want to walk away from a workout knowing that there was nothing more I could do and that I gave it my all. My best looks different every day and that’s okay! If we can make small improvements every day -- even improving our split by just 1% -- it will make all the difference down the line. I love to embrace the journey -- it’s so much fun to look back and see how far you’ve come”

Dani’s 2020 goal: “My goal is to be as fast as I can and to make the Paralympic team for Tokyo. I aim to bring the fastest version of myself to selection camp, and then hopefully onwards to The Games. I know to achieve my goal, I will need to do everything I can -- both on and off the water. Ultimately, I want to bring home the first gold medal in this event for the USA.” 

James and goal setting: “When approaching a new goal, motivation normally isn’t a problem. Usually, I need to remind myself not to overdo it. Reaching any goal is a process; nothing happens overnight. I sit down and think of the small goals leading to the big one. Those small successes will empower me to keep after it.”

James’ 2020 goal: “My goal for 2020 is unlike any of my goals in the past. I want to find balance. I know that fitness brings me joy and the ability to enjoy every other aspect of my life. I want to take more time with my family, my dog Hank, and the beautiful environment I live in. I’ve been in a state of Go, Go, Go for so long. Focusing on splits and results. A little time to breathe and enjoy being healthy sounds nice.” 

Sera Moon’s 2020 goal: “My 2020 goal is to stay healthy and build a strong fitness base that will propel me into contention for the 2024 Paris Olympics, while continuing to grow with the Hydrow community so others find ways to manage and achieve their goals too!”

Sera Moon’s approach to goal setting: “Whenever I’m training for anything, no matter how big or small, I write out a plan to achieve the overall goal. Then I take it day by day. There will be workouts that you crush and you know that you completely rocked, and there will be others that you fall short on. It is important to stay confident and strong and not allow a bad practice or training session to disrupt your progress towards your goal. We are all human, so achieving goals is all about finding the perfect balance of putting in the work, trusting the process, and being mindful of your own body.”

Laine’s 2020 goal: I am always looking forward to my next fitness challenge. My team goal is to crush a team triathlon down here in Miami with Sera and Dani, while my personal goal is to run a mountain running race. I am super excited to continue to build my fitness and reach new heights.”

How are you approaching your 2020 goals? Let us know on social, using #Hydrow.