Join our new Unleashed Series with Dani Hansen

Amanda Crawford

Unleashed with Dani is a new advanced HIIT style workout series that will challenge your mind and body to reach new heights. You can expect each 20-45 minute Drive workout to be a challenging high-powered endurance and strength session that will build on the last as you learn to navigate more advanced workouts. Lookout for the first workout of this series available in your library on Sunday, June 5th. 

“I’ve spent a lot of time and energy learning how to level up in the challenging sport of rowing,” explains Dani. “Perseverance and patience with myself were key to successfully approaching and navigating the most difficult workouts and races in my rowing journey. I realized that I had to accept the possibility of great failure in order to eventually achieve great success. The Unleashed series is about building mental skills in order to overcome the instinct to quit while we’re uncomfortable. Failure is human, and we can allow it to fuel us to get back up together and try again. Only then can we unleash the raw success that waits inside of us. The most powerful opponent is not someone who is unbeatable, it’s someone who is unstoppable.” 

Level up your workouts with HIIT Training

Training for long periods of time, including several minutes at intensity above 90% of max effort, has numerous physiological and performance benefits. Often called High-Intensity Interval Training, or HIIT, these workouts can help increase both endurance and strength, which benefits the brain as much as the body. In the Unleashed series, you can expect longer duration intervals of 5-minutes or more which will push you to take your workouts to the next level. For the best experience, add these challenging workouts to your routine as you feel capable, at most one time per week. 

Cognitive and mental health: HIIT workouts have been shown to improve cognitive function, well-being, and self-efficacy. The Unleashed workout series will push you to separate physical sensations from mental barriers that try to hold you back during exercise– improving your confidence and sense of accomplishment

Physical health: HIIT training can help improve cardiovascular and maximal oxygen uptake (aerobic consumption). “Afterburn” can last longer with high intensity, long duration exercise, so you can continue burning energy for up to 14 hours after your workout is over. Additionally, the workload you’re able to take on will increase over time, so sticking with Dani through the entire Unleashed series will show you how much you can accomplish.

Unleash your mindset

Each workout in the Unleashed series is designed to push your limits so that you might explore the area beyond what you thought you were capable of. “To succeed in these workouts, I think it’s important to let curiosity and a sense of accomplishment guide you,” says Dani, “Leave your expectations at the door and come with an open mind so we can accept that the only way to achieve great success is by first accepting the possibility of failure and choosing to give your full effort anyway.” 

No matter your fitness level, every Member will get something out of these workouts — all you need to do is stick with Dani and cross the finish line! We’ll be adding new rows from this series to your library regularly, so make sure to filter by Dani and Drive when you’re ready to come back for more. When you do, share your success with us in Facebook Training Camp and on social using #FeeltheHydrowHigh @Hydrow. We know how challenging these workouts will be and we want to celebrate with you!