Hydrow Presents: World Water Day race 2021

Marie Le Hur

World Water Day, held annually on March 22nd, celebrates the importance of water and raises awareness of the 2.2 billion people living without access to safe water around the world every single day. The theme of World Water Day 2021 is all about valuing water and how we can better appreciate and protect this vital resource. 

At Hydrow, water is central to who we are and we believe we have a responsibility to help provide clean water to those who need it most. When Hydrow was founded in 2018, we partnered with Water.org: a global nonprofit organisation that is dedicated to bringing water and sanitation to 785 million people currently living without access. Since then, our community has collectively provided safe water to more than 10,000 people worldwide. These contributions are made possible thanks to each of our members showing up and working out with Hydrow.

Hydrow already makes a donation to Water.org for every 25 days you spend working out with us. In honour of World Water Day we're kicking off 5-weeks of additional donations, where for each day you work out between March 20th and April 25th, we'll make an additional donation to Water.org. That's right -- Every Day Counts! So, the more you work out with Hydrow, the more good we do together.

Ready to do your part and start out strong for our month of giving? Check out our inaugural World Water Day Race beginning on Saturday, March 20th. This limited-time race will take you through eight of our favorite waterways, and encourages the entire Hydrow community to come together and work harder for a cause that affects so many people all around the world. So get ready to sweat it out as we kick it all off...

Here is everything you need to know about this opportunity to race for World Water Day 2021: 

What is the World Water Day Race? 

The World Water Day Race is a 16-minute journey compilation race showcasing eight of our favourite #HydrowDestinations, including: the River Thames in London, England; Oakland Estuary in California; the Straits of Florida at sunset; Lamoille River in Vermont; Ladybird Lake in Austin, Texas; Harriman Reservoir in Vermont; Indian Creek in Miami Beach, Florida at sunrise, and of course, the Charles River in Boston, Massachusetts. 

If you’re curious how you stack up against other members of the Hydrow community, here’s your chance to put it all out there in a race-style event. 

How long will this race be available?

The race workout will only be available on your Hydrow’s on-demand library from Saturday, March 20th at 5am ET to Monday, March 22nd at 6pm ET. If you would like to race, you must start the row before 6pm ET on March 22. 

Do I have to row this workout like a race?

No! You can absolutely just row and take in the scenery of eight different locations without racing. Feel free to make this event as competitive as you would like, or just take it easy. This row is an opportunity to celebrate water and transform lives by providing access to safe water to those who need it most. By just completing the workout, you are contributing to a larger donation for safe water through Water.org. 

Where can I find the World Water Day Race? 

The World Water Day Race will be included in the on-demand library. Filter for ‘Journeys’ and Destinations,’ then prepare to take off. Be sure to warm-up before starting the race by filtering for ‘Warm-Up’ in the on-demand library. You’ll definitely want to move a bit before diving into the race.

When will the racing results become available? 

At the conclusion of the race weekend, on Tuesday, March 23rd, we will post the results from the World Water Day Race on the Hydrow blog. You may complete the race as many times as you would like while it is available, but only your top meters score will be included in the final standings. 

Much like our Race On The Charles in October 2020, we will provide both full-race standings, as well as standings broken down by age/gender so you can see how you stack up against others in your bracket. 

Even though this is a race, there will be no additional prize for winning your bracket. Instead, you will earn a special badge for completing the World Water Day Race and will help provide someone with clean water through our partners at Water.org. 

What if I am away from my Hydrow, will I be able to do this workout another time? 

The World Water Day Race will only be available for a limited time from Saturday, March 20th through 6pm on Monday, March 22nd.

Will I earn a badge for completing the World Water Day Race? 

Yes! Any member who completes this workout will be awarded a special badge to commemorate the effort that they put in. All you have to do is complete the full row before it is taken down. The badge will automatically appear and will be visible on the Hydrow mobile app (find our iOS app here and the Android app here) after you have completed the entire race. 

Can I participate in the race if I have a Hydrow Digital Basic membership?

Yes and no — while you will still be able to complete the row in the mobile app and earn a badge for your efforts, your stats will not count towards the leaderboard. The ability to compete against other members of the community is unique to Hydrow owners and those completing the race on Hydrow. 

I don’t have my age and/or gender visible, will my meters still count on the leaderboard?

Your meters will definitely still count towards your progress, and you will be included in the full-race standings. In order to be included in the broken-down standings, both your gender and your age range must be included. 

Is there a special Facebook group for this race?

The Hydrow Training Camp Facebook group is still the best place to engage with other Hydrow community members to support each other and drive some healthy competition. Challenge some familiar faces on the leaderboard and see how you stack up against the rest of the community. You can join the Facebook group here.

Use the hashtag #HydrowWorldWaterDayRace on social media to connect with other members of the Hydrow community who are also racing.


Additionally, as we work with Water.org to make every day water day, we encourage you to learn more about the global water crisis. We will be sharing resources and information over the course of the next month, so stay tuned for more updates and opportunities for our community to come together for an important cause.