The Most Effective 20 Minutes of Your Day

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“A superior workout to cycling…focus on a virtual landscape while you row in your home.”

“Fluid lines that look as good on the water as in a living room.”

“Their rowing experts bring the closest thing possible to actual rowing on the water.”

Real Motivation, Real Results

Tune in as athletes teach rowing and proper resistance training, and instantly connect with thousands of new friends rowing with you. Row together as a team, or race each other to the finish line.

Athletes Live from the Water

Streaming & On Demand in Your Home

A Better More Full-Body Workout

86% of muscles engaged

Work your core, back, arms, & legs — a total of 86% of muscles, compared to 44% from biking or running.

Low impact

A comfortable, fluid workout that is easy on your body. Reduce joint stress, improve bone density, and increase overall workout effectiveness.

Increased mental clarity

Calm fluidity of repetitive strokes help to increase focus and drown out the thoughts that make you stressed.

Unique Live Outdoor RealityTM Rowing

Feel the power of the river with a connected HD touchscreen and training programs that adjust your resistance in real time. Set up multiple users with multiple profiles for your Hydrow.

Hydrow is sold out temporarily!

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