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Athlete Rowing

Level up

Hydrow is a sophisticated, state-of-the-art rowing machine with a unique, immersive experience to match. With world-class instructors leading you through waterways around the world, Hydrow combines an exciting experience with an unmatched full-body workout. Whether it’s a member of our fast-growing community logging into their account or a first-time guest, Hydrow makes it easy to hop on and get started.

Benefits & Features of Commercial License

True commercial-quality

Extended commercial warranty

Engaging, immersive fitness experience

Live & On-Demand workouts

Guest Login

Unlimited Member Profiles

Simple account creation for new members

Bluetooth Compatibility

Commercial hydrow

Live and on-demand workouts from the water

Hydrow’s dynamic workouts take you on beautiful waterways around the world, making it a welcomed amenity for facilities of all kinds:

  • + Hospitality
  • + Multi-family
  • + Gyms and Boutique Fitness
  • + Corporate Wellness
  • + Colleges and schools

current partners

iF World Design Guide Winner: 2020 Product Discipline

“…combining a silent resistance system with an integrated display streaming live classes taught by champion rowers, Hydrow’s resistance algorithms precisely recreate ‘the catch’, the feeling of an oar entering water.

Combining the engagement of team sports and the serenity of outdoor exercise, it creates an authentic experience for enthusiasts and novices alike. The product’s sleek, sculptural form reinvents the traditional look of rowing machines…”

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Whether you’re interested in a bulk order, tailoring Hydrow to your specific needs, or you’d just like to learn more, we’d love to speak with you.