Hydrow™ for Commercial Use

Commercial grade, high quality rower with built-in fitness training, community, and more.

“A superior workout to cycling…focus on a virtual landscape while you row in your home.”

“Their rowing experts bring the closest thing possible to actual rowing on the water.”

“Fluid lines that look as good on the water as in a living room.”

“Hydrow has demonstrated that it's committed to producing a top-quality experience.”

Elevate Your Commercial Offerings with Hydrow™

With premium hardware, hot-off-the-press news coverage, and a growing community, thousands of travelers will be looking to replicate their Hydrow™ in-home routine while on the road. Needing just a single login to make Hydrow their own, it’ll be like they never left home!

 Benefits For Your Facility

True Commercial-Quality and Warranty
Constantly Evolving Content and Live Events
Cutting Edge Immersive Fitness Experience
Machine Usage Stats Relayed Monthly to Facility

 Benefits For Your Patrons

Unlimited Logins for Guests
Quick Start / Guest Login
Simple Account Creation for New Users
Bluetooth Compatibility
Engaging and Evolving Content

Enhanced Workouts Anywhere

Hydrow™ has been designed from the ground up with premium, commercial grade hardware. With a single piece of hardware, you can let your patrons bring their workouts from their home to yours.

Gyms & Fitness Centers
Colleges & Schools
Hotels & Hospitality
Rehab Centers & Hospitals

Corporate Gyms
Residential Communities
Resports & Retreats
Coworking Spaces

A Sales Experience You Deserve

Whether you need to tailor Hydrow™ to your specific needs, you’re interested in a bulk order, or you just want to speak with our friendly, knowledgeable staff, we’re here for you.

We’d love to tell you more.