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Follow their rhythm

Our warm-hearted Athletes will make you smile, laugh, and push yourself to new limits, all in the same workout.

Unlike other in-home workouts, rowing makes it easy to sync your movements with your instructor – ensuring you’re doing the workout as intended. You’ll find it feels good to move together, especially with this crew.

The kind of people you want in your boat

Hydrow Athlete Aisyah Rafaee

Aisyah Rafaee

Aisyah is a trailblazer — as Singapore’s first Olympian in rowing, she’s got serious drive. As an athletic counselor, she approaches fitness with compassion so you can reach your own goals too. The result? Dynamic workouts that make you feel great, inside and out.

Hydrow Athlete James Dietz

James Dietz

James is a competitor at heart, but not the kind that takes himself too seriously – which we find to be a winning combination. From his contagious laugh to his entertaining stories, James makes you forget just how hard you’re working.

Hydrow Athlete Dani Hansen

Dani Hansen

Dani’s consistent enthusiasm and passion on the water is almost as impressive as her multiple medals in the World Championships and Paralympics. If you’re looking for feel-good, high-energy workouts, and in-depth technical detail you can always count on Dani.

Hydrow Athlete Aquil Abdullah

Aquil Abdullah

Don’t let Aquil’s constant, beaming smile fool you – as an Olympian and four-time US National Team member, Aquil is a fierce competitor. An expert in motivating his crew, Aquil will have you giving your all, and thanking him for it.

Hydrow Athlete Mac Evans

Mac Evans

Meet Mac – goofball, Irish Step Dancer, and former D1 collegiate rower. A lifelong, dedicated athlete, Mac picked up rowing in college and hasn’t looked back. Mac finds motivation in the team aspect of rowing, and she thinks you will too.

Hydrow Athlete Michelle Sosa

Michelle Sosa

If you’re looking for a row where you can feel free to let your guard down, try a workout with Michelle. Her love of rowing started during her collegiate rowing career – she finds that it provides a strong sense of self-accomplishment, and she hopes it will provide the same for others.

Hydrow Athlete Mike Dostal

Mike Dostal

An England native, Mike grew up rowing as a kid. Mike has no shortage of rowing accomplishments, from winning the British National Championship, to racing for Great Britain, to placing in the U.S. National Championship. His enthusiasm lies in his desire to share his love of exercise, and that comes through in his tough but lighthearted rows.

Hydrow Athlete Sera Moon Busse

Sera Moon Busse

Drawn to physical challenges, Sera walked onto her college crew team as a sophomore. Sera is as tough as they come, but also knows what it feels like to want to quit. While Sera has suffered a number of setbacks due to injuries, she has found the will to get back in the boat. She knows everyone has their ups and downs – when you have yours, she wants to help you power through.

Hydrow Athlete Nick Karwoski

Nick Karwoski

When Nick was on the U.S. National Triathlon Team, rowing was a part of his training routine since it combined all of the muscle groups needed in running, swimming, and biking. The perfect workout buddy, Nick brings a welcomed level of energy that will get you moving no matter your mood. Look out for his seemingly-endless collection of funky socks you’ll find him wearing out on the water.

Hydrow Athlete Laine Maher

Laine Maher

After a successful rowing career at the University of Wisconsin, Laine shifted her mindset to tackle 2 marathons while also working full time. This experience taught her the value of creating efficient, tough and exciting workouts that can fit easily into any schedule. With experience training for a variety of sports, Laine will make the most of your time on your Hydrow and will always be there to push you to new limits.

Hydrow Athlete Peter Donohoe

Peter Donohoe

Peter is our head strength and movement specialist. As an Olympian, conditioning coach, and corrective exercise specialist, Peter’s methodology continues to influence the movement of athletes from many sports. Join Peter for On the Mat workouts and benefit from increased mobility and enhanced performance.

Hydrow Athlete Christie Wang

Christie Wang

A nationally certified Pilates instructor, Christie leads many of our On the Mat workouts. Her experience working with pro athletes combined with her relatable and practical approach to exercise provides fitness benefits for all levels. Her infectious love for a balanced, healthy lifestyle will have you striving for the same.

Hydrow Athlete Owen Henn

Owen Henn

Following a University rowing career, Owen first stumbled into a yoga studio thinking he’d never enjoy it and emerged with a new, healthy obsession and profession (in addition to his work as a hospital dietitian for children with diabetes). His workouts are fun and accessible, challenging students to find their edge and celebrating whatever that looks like.