The Hydrow community

Rowing is a team sport. When you join the Hydrow community, you not only gain access to year-round programming, rewards, events, and challenges, you also become a member of our global team. We are stronger together, and we’re ready to lift you up.

Fresh events and challenges

As a Member of the Hydrow community, you’ll have access to an exciting and thoughtfully curated calendar of programming including holiday workouts, fitness challenges, in-person events and meetups, and much more!


Power of community

Through the Hydrow app itself, as well as our other online groups, you have the power of the entire Hydrow community behind you, ready to motivate you, cheer you on, and champion your progress whenever you need it.


We celebrate with you

Our global Hydrow community radiates positivity. No matter how competitive you are (or aren’t) or what your goals are, there is no milestone or win too small – we’re always ready and excited to celebrate with you.


Get on the water

Hydrow Member events, whether on the Charles River in Boston or the River Thames in London, bring Members from around the globe together, to row alongside Hydrow Athletes.

Hydrow on the go

The Hydrow app

With the Hydrow app, enjoy the Live Outdoor Reality workout experience – wherever you are in the world. Stream Hydrow workouts on the go, track your progress, interact with the community, and more.

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