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Rowers that are marvels of engineering. Beautiful, scenic waterways. Engaged Athletes and community members to support you. Hydrow doesn’t just pull you in—it welcomes you with open arms.

Rowers that are marvels of engineering. Beautiful, scenic waterways. Engaged Athletes and community members to support you. Hydrow doesn’t just pull you in—it welcomes you with open arms.

Live Outdoor Reality. How real? Really real

Live Outdoor Reality™ is Hydrow’s patented experience. As a Member, you'll have the choice to work out in more than a hundred breathtaking destinations around the globe — through the center of London on the River Thames to rowing alongside the Alps on Lake Lucerne in Switzerland, to the wilds of Alaska alongside whales, seals, and glaciers.

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Find your flow, on water and land.

Experience full-body, high-energy, low-impact rowing workouts led by world-class Athletes, live and on-demand, including rowing basics, HIIT classes, endurance rows, and beyond.
Yoga and awareness
Strengthen your mind-body connection - and increase your mobility and flexibility - with all levels of yoga workouts.
Strength and movement
Feel better and move better with our Strength, Mobility and Pilates workouts that will help improve the foundation of your overall health.
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Yoga and awareness
Strength and movement

Meet Athletes who start with heart

Hydrow Athletes are Olympians, World Champions, National Team members, Marathoners, and more. That’s impressive, but most importantly, they’re human—and there to work out alongside you throughout your fitness journey.

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Hydrow All-Access Membership costs $38/month plus applicable tax and is sold separately from Hydrow rowers. Only one paid Membership per Hydrow is needed and includes:

  • Daily live workouts led by world-class Hydrow Athletes, taught from scenic destinations around the world

  • 4,000+ on-demand workouts, including rowing, Pilates, yoga, strength, and conditioning

  • Unlimited profiles for everyone in your family so that each of you can work out with

  • Hydrow on both the rower and the app

  • Exclusive milestone rewards to celebrate your achievements

  • Access to our live in-workout leaderboard and weekly racing challenges

  • Access to Hydrow’s full library of live and on-demand workouts on the Hydrow app, so you can work out, track progress, and interact with the community while you’re on the go

Hydrow offers new Members the opportunity to try the Hydrow rower risk-free for 30 days when purchased directly from the Hydrow website (

If you are eligible for Hydrow's home trial, you can try your Hydrow rower and, if purchased with your Hydrow, any accessories for up to 30 days after your delivery. If you're not satisfied with your Hydrow experience, simply contact Hydrow Member Services within 30 days of delivery, and we'll arrange a free pickup of your Hydrow rower. We’ll also provide a return shipping label for any accessories. Read more about the Hydrow home trial here.

Take Hydrow on the go

With the Hydrow mobile app, experience our immersive outdoor workouts wherever you are. Stream workouts on the go, check your progress, interact with the community, and more.

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Customer reviews

Hydrow speaks for itself, but our Members also have a lot to say.

I hit the 1 million milestone tonight! 🥳 I set a goal to stay active through the winter and hit 1M by April 1st and I'm feeling pretty proud I did both those things 😌💪🌊

This has made a significant difference in my life, and while I could gush on, I'll just say a very genuine thank you to Hydrow for such a fantastic machine, program, & athletes and the communities here, who make all the difference; you all are my tribe of just wonderful & encouraging people 💙

- Hydrow Member Kim

I just hit 500,000 meters on my @hydrow today! Now I’m part of the half-million meters club! I bought my rower at the beginning of the pandemic to keep fit, but it ended up helping immensely with my mental state. Being able to be virtually on the water reminded me why I love rowing.

- Hydrow Member Josh

When I chose to invest in a Hydrow after reading many articles and reviews, it was with the desire to be intentional about working out in a way that is easy on my joints (because no other workout activity is medically approved for me). What I didn’t realize was that this investment was also in a greater community of support, encouragement, and wisdom. I appreciate you all so much! See you on the water!

- Hydrow Member Heather

This morning I celebrated the 250k milestone and a three donation with Aquil.  It made my morning to get a shoutout before and near the end of the workout! 👏🏾🙋🏾‍♂️

I am so grateful and motivated by fellow Hydrow users who practice the art of balance daily! Thank you all for the continuous good vibes, and I hope everyone has a fantastic day! 👍🏾♥️🚣🏾‍♂️

- Hydrow Member JT

After 324 active days and 795 workouts, I am beyond ecstatic (and ridiculously proud) to become a member of the Million Meter Club! Thank you Nick Karwoski for the shoutout! It is not an understatement to say that Hydrow has changed my life. I love this machine and this community!

- Hydrow Member Lili
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