Our immersive Live Outdoor Reality™ experience will transport you to hundreds of scenic destinations and iconic waterways around the world.


Experience full-body, high-energy, low-impact rowing workouts led by world-class Athletes, featuring live and on-demand workouts, as well as journeys and distances rows.
20 min Commit to Fit row
Boston, MA
10 min pumped up music row
Bergen, Norway
20 min double Olympian row
Los Angeles, CA
10 min power + rhythm
Roosevelt, AZ
10 min climbing intervals
Lake Las Vegas, NV

Yoga and awareness

Increase your mobility and flexibility – and strengthen the connection between your mind and body – with beginner, intermediate, and advanced yoga workouts.
20 min power flow
Vallavik, Norway
15 min beginner yoga flow
Achill Island, Ireland
15 min core flow
Florence, Italy
10 min restore: hip-opener
Gloucester, MA
15 min balanced focused align
Vallavik, Norway

Strength and movement

Complement rowing with our diverse selection of strength and mobility workouts that will help you strengthen the foundation of your overall health.
10 min Pilates: gentle whole body
Colorado Springs, CO
10 min core strength
Ulvik, Norway
15 min Beginner Core Pilates
Siena, Italy
20 min Runner’s Program #1 of 9
County Wicklow, Ireland
10 min core burn express
County Wicklow, Ireland

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