5 Tips to Stick to Your Workout Habit With Hydrow

Megan Hanewald

It’s time to ring in New Year's resolutions! If you’re like most people, you’re focusing on improving your life — by nurturing relationships, handling tasks in a more timely way, or changing lifestyle habits, for example. It comes as no surprise that the majority of targeted lifestyle changes have to do with fitness and health goals.

For the upcoming 2024 ball drop, 48% of people say improving fitness is a top priority in 2024, with 34% focused on losing weight.* Sadly though, statistics show that even with the best of intentions, the average New Year’s resolution lasts less than four months.

To help, Hydrow’s here with five practical, actionable tips to help you avoid becoming a 2024 statistic and get you to the summer months feeling stronger and fitter than ever.

Tip 1:  Create a detailed plan based on SMART goals

Creating vague, generalized goals such as “getting in shape” will leave you lost in Las Vegas. In order to stick to your workout plan, make your goals Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound.

For example, aim to “Drop one pant size in eight weeks by rowing four times a week and incorporating a mix of mobility and strength training.” SMART goals provide clarity and structure with a deadline, turning your workout plan into just that, a PLAN. Just make sure to keep it realistic, taking your personality type, your values, and your schedule into consideration.

Tip 2: Visually track your progress

Documenting your journey and tracking progress toward your big goals provides a tangible record of your efforts and helps you stick to your workout routine. It not only keeps you accountable but also serves as a source of motivation. Celebrate milestones (even the smallest ones!), learn from setbacks, and witness the transformative power of your commitment coming to life on the pages of your Hydrow’s progress tracker. One blue dot on your progress page a week leads to a three week streak, then another, and another… 

Tip 3:  Don’t go all in right away

While you may be excited about getting started with your workout routine and seeing results sooner rather than later, start building your new workout habits gently to make it last — and avoid injury. Begin with small and achievable fitness activities, like a five-minute Hydrow session or five minutes of stretching.

Remember, this is about creating a sustainable habit. So, instead of creating burnout by doing too much too soon, create opportunities for easy success and mental buy-in.  Thinking, “That wasn’t so hard to do!” is much more motivating than, “That was rough!” Work your way into longer or more challenging sessions as you progress.

Tip 4:  Set yourself up for success on a daily basis

Create fewer barriers to entry by taking the time to mentally and physically prepare for your upcoming workout. As you get ready for the day, make it a point to choose your next workout in the Hydrow app and “Favorite” it. That way, you’ll already have your plan in place and may even look forward to your new workout routine.

Additionally, prepare yourself by laying out your workout clothes and your water bottle in plain sight the night before as a reminder of your commitment to your new routine.

Pro tip: Find a specific time of day to prepare yourself and add your prep onto a current habit that you already do every day. For example, put on your pajamas and then lay out your workout clothes for the next day.

Tip 5:  Seek out support from like-minded people

Whether you are actively looking for support, or simply finding comfort and motivation along with others with the same goals, find strength and support with Hydrow’s online community. Joining Hydrow’s Facebook Training Camp connects you with like-minded individuals sharing the same fitness journey. From virtual challenges to real-time encouragement, the Hydrow community is there to support and celebrate you and your goals.  

Remember, sticking to your workout routine is all about knowing where you want to go and setting yourself up for success with strategies of pacing, tracking, preparation, and seeking out goal-oriented individuals like yourself. Your path to a fitter, stronger you becomes not just a resolution, but a transformative reality with a plan. Resolutions may falter, but sustainable habits endure. Here's to a year of success, resilience, and a healthier you with Hydrow!