AAPI Heritage Month at Hydrow

Leanne Yenush

May marks Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month. It’s an opportunity for us to recognize the incredible impact Asian American and Pacific Islanders have -- both within our own Hydrow community and beyond. From athletes we admire to artists who inspire us, we are grateful for all the contributions Asian Americans make. 

This past year, there’s been  a disturbing rise in incidents of targeted acts of violence against Asian Americans. Here at Hydrow, we are unified in opposing all forms of violence, especially those that target people based on their heritage and identity.  

Join us throughout the month of May as we honor AAPI heritage on and off Hydrow -- with exciting new workouts, AAPI-inspired playlists and stories from our Hydrow Athletes, teammates and community members. Stay tuned for updates all month long, and join us as we celebrate the many cultural contributions of the AAPI community.