About Hydrow

About Hydrow & Hydrow Membership

Learn more about Hydrow rowing machines and Hydrow Membership. Explore Hydrow features and benefits, discover what makes Hydrow special, and get to know the Hydrow Crew and Athletes.

About Hydrow

Two people rowing outdoors on a lake in the mountains
Our new milestone reward shipping policy

Amanda Crawford 10/31/2022About Hydrow

Learn more about recent updates to our milestone program

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Meet the crew: Buffy Williams

Leanne Yenush 10/9/2022About Hydrow

We’re thrilled to announce the newest Athlete to join our Hydrow crew: Buffy Williams! As a three-time Olympian, kinesiologist, and mom, Buffy knows how to balance priorities to make time for a healthy lifestyle.

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Man working out on a Hydrow Rower in a living room
Peloton Row vs Hydrow Comparison

Kelly Johnson 9/20/2022About Hydrow

For years, various press outlets have called Hydrow “the Peloton of rowing machines,” in reference to its high-quality, connected fitness machines and guided workout platform, but now that Peloton is releasing a rowing machine of their own… it’s worth asking, how do they compare?

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Hydrow membership cost (pricing guide + FAQs)

Leanne Yenush 9/1/2022About Hydrow

What truly elevates the Hydrow above other at-home workout machines on the market is the Hydrow Membership experience.

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Is Hydrow worth the money?

Leanne Yenush 8/29/2022About Hydrow

What makes purchasing a Hydrow rowing machine and Hydrow Membership worth the money? Learn more about what makes Hydrow unique.

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Can you use Hydrow without a subscription or membership?

Leanne Yenush 8/26/2022About Hydrow

Is it possible to use a Hydrow rowing machine without a subscription or membership? Yes, but there's more to the answer than that.

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How much does a Hydrow cost? (pricing + options)

Amanda Crawford 8/26/2022About Hydrow

So how much can you expect to invest in a Hydrow? Let's break down the cost of a Hydrow rowing machine, Hydrow Membership, and accessories.

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Connect Hydrow to Apple Health

Amanda Crawford 6/29/2022About Hydrow

Automatically include Hydrow workouts in your daily activities through Apple Health

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Join our new Unleashed Series with Dani Hansen

Amanda Crawford 6/3/2022About Hydrow

Unleash the capabilities of your mind and body in this challenging new HIIT series with Dani.

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Training with a Triathlete: Bec Wilcock’s Rowing Journey on Hydrow

Leanne Yenush 4/14/2022About Hydrow

As a runner, triathlete, and personal trainer, Bec Wilcock uses her Hydrow rower to maximize her cross training efforts. Learn how rowing has set Bec up for success in all aspects of her life.

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Presenting: Artist Alex Echo for Hydrow

Marie Le Hur 4/1/2022About Hydrow

Partnering with Hydrow and Parkinson’s UK, Alex Echo has created limited-edition designs to be printed on exclusive Hydrow rowers and accessories. A percentage of each sale will be donated to Parkinson's UK, a charity very close to Alex's heart, having been diagnosed with the condition in 2019.

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Peter Donohoe: 2x Olympian in Bobsledding

Leanne Yenush 2/17/2022About Hydrow

Learn more about how Peter represented Ireland on the biggest international stage, not once, but twice.

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