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The Boathouse arrow right Feature Update: Improved Strava Sharing

Feature Update: Improved Strava Sharing

May 19, 2021

Whether you aspire to be faster, stronger, or simply healthier, the data behind your workouts can help you understand how to get there. From using your workout history to track changes in your split, to celebrating daily wins in your progress calendar, there are so many ways to look at your activity with Hydrow. If you’re looking to take your performance analysis to the next level with the Strava app, we’re excited to report that it’s now easier than ever. 

Strava is an activity sharing platform that you can use to measure your workout results as well as compare them across activities like running or cycling. With our latest update, you can now seamlessly sync your Hydrow workouts with the Strava app. Once you’ve connected your Hydrow and Strava accounts, you can turn on auto-sharing by updating your connection settings under “Profile” inside your Hydrow app. After it’s turned on, Hydrow will automatically share your stats with Strava after each workout! 

We’re also excited to announce that the workouts you share to Strava will come with more stats than ever before. When you send your Hydrow workouts to Strava you can see changes in your split, watts, rhythm, and heart rate over the course of your workout. We’ve heard your requests to make workout data more available, and we’re excited to see you use these robust data points to optimize your routine.

These feature updates are currently available on both Android and iOS.

If you’re just getting started tracking your workout data, we’re here to help! If you’re not ready for Strava just yet, don’t forget you can still see your Hydrow workout history, progress calendar, and lifetime achievements inside your Hydrow app at any time! 

Want to learn more? Check out our support article for further details.

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