Feature Update: Personalize your Leaderboard

Leanne Yenush

As a Hydrow member, you’re part of a team - and we’ve made it easier than ever to support your teammates, find new ones, and cheer them on.

We’re excited to announce that you can now filter your leaderboard to see Hydrow members that you’re following. Whether you want to see how your stats stack up, or simply enjoy sharing a workout, this new filter is an exciting way to build your crew and tap into a whole new level of personalized motivation. Simply tap the funnel icon at the top of the leaderboard and select the "Following" filter. When you have this filter selected, you will only see members you are following in the mobile app.

If you want to find and follow friends, visit the feed in your Hydrow iOS app or Hydrow Android app and search by their screen name. If you’re looking for members to connect with, you can try filtering your leaderboard by age or gender to find others who are similar to you. Our online community — Hydrow Training Camp — is another great place to connect with your fellow Hydrow members about milestones, advice, competitions and more! You can learn more about finding and following friends at Hydrow in this support article.

In addition to this new filter, you’ll also notice a change in the stats on your leaderboard in on-demand rows. Our new leaderboard helps you to predict where you’ll finish an on-demand row by displaying the total number of meters you are projected to earn by following along with the Athlete. This projection takes into account that your pace will vary according to the structure of the row and shows you where you can expect to finish. By showing your projected rank as opposed to your current pace, it’s easier to compare your overall performance with others and encourages you to follow our expertly-designed workouts for maximum health benefits. For live workouts, the leaderboard will continue to display your current rank and does not project where you will finish the row. 

At Hydrow, we know that each member’s experience is unique. We’re excited to deliver features like these to help you customize  your Hydrow experience and make the most of every workout. 

For more details on how our leaderboard works, check out our support article.

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