Happy holidays from Hydrow!

Leanne Yenush

Happy holidays from your Hydrow crew! We’re wishing you and yours a holiday season that is healthy and bright (especially since we’re coming to you from the waters of sunny Miami). This time of year, it’s important to relax and recharge - and a good sweat can also leave you ready to take on holiday celebrations. 

Whether you’re hitting the water in our official Hydrow gear or your favorite ugly sweater, we’re here to help you get in the spirit with a series of festive workouts available in your on-demand library.

Holiday workouts available this week:

- 20-minute Breathe “Holiday Traditions Row” with Sera and Mac - Thursday, December 23rd

- 20-minute Drive “Holiday HIIT Row” with Dani (and Mike as a special guest!) - Friday, December 24th

- 5-minute “Holiday Cool-Down” with James - Saturday, December 25th

- 10-minute Breathe “Holiday Memories Row” with Nick - Saturday, December 25th

Traveling for the holidays? No problem! Keep up with your routine anywhere you are with yoga, Pilates, strength, and mobility workouts in your Hydrow app (available for iOS or Android).

You know what we consider the best gift this year? You! Thank you for being part of our crew.