Introducing coastal rows

Pete Donohoe

We’re excited to share a fresh take on Live Outdoor Reality™ as you join us on our latest destination — the Atlantic Coast! Join James and Mike as they explore new territory on an epic tour of Gloucester, Massachusetts. You’ll navigate currents, explore historic sites, and maybe meet some sea creatures along the way.

Get warmed up to explore:

  • 5-minute Warm-Up “Pre-Cardio Warm Up” with Mike available on January 19th

  • 5-minute Warm-Up “Technique Warm Up” with James available on January 20th

Take to the seas:

  • 15-minute Sweat “Around the Island Row” with Mike

  • 15-minute Sweat “Enjoy the Journey Row” with James

  • 10-minute Drive “Lighthouse HIIT Row” with Mike

  • 15-minute Drive “Energy Boosting Rock Row” with James

  • 10-minute Breathe “Sunset Row” with Mike

Filter by Athlete and Duration, then look for the special workout tile to find these in your on-demand library.

For their adventure, Mike and James had to row in a wider shell to take on the stronger currents and swells, and saw their fair share of interesting, unexpected sights. But don’t just take it from us, we sat down with both to learn about what makes these coastal rows so special. Here’s what they had to say: 

Why coastal rowing?

Mike: “Rowing, as we all know, is usually restricted to very specific boats in particular locations with rowing clubs and yet we’ve got this huge resource with beautiful locations — the Atlantic Ocean, but we don’t always have a way to access it. To me, coastal rowing is about opening up more possibilities of where we can row.”

Why Gloucester? What’s special about this location?

Rowing along the rocky shoreline of Gloucester

Have either of you rowed on the ocean before? What helped you prepare?

James: “So that’s actually a cool question because Mike and I have rowed in that area in different capacities but it was very different trying to lead a workout when you’re dodging lobster pots, watching out for huge boats, and rowing further out than either of us had traveled before. Me and an old rowing partner actually rowed the coast of Maine one time and about 12 hours into our first day our boat started to sink and we had to abort! Having the help of a support boat was great and so were the snacks, lots of snacks.” 

What was it like filming coastal rowing workouts?

Mike: “There are a lot of unknowns as opposed to a place like the Charles River where we know every little corner of that river and what to expect. The first day we were out in the islands filming, there were great unexpected moments like when we came across a colony of seals — I was so excited by it!” 

James: “Yeah, I liked watching Mike and his ability to get close enough to some of these wave breaks while still maintaining his composure! You’re definitely riding that edge along the rocky shore line and it takes a certain amount of situational awareness.”

Why are you excited for Hydrow Members to experience these workouts?

James: “We’re excited for Members to experience the adventure component of these rows and embody that — trusting your body, feeling strong, and building the mental resolve to take on whatever nature throws your way.” 

Mike: “The visuals of it in particular are so much different than when we’re rowing on a river — it’s much more open with big expanses of water. Everything is on a much grander scale and I am excited for Members to see that.”

Mike rowing through coastal marshes at sunset

What’s your favorite memory from filming these rows?

James: “The seals, of course, were really really cool but you know, it’s finishing those miles, having long days in the salt, and then grabbing a meal afterward to talk about all the excitement.” 

Mike: “Coming through Gloucester Harbor was a highlight for me — seeing beautiful sailboats, seeing old-time fishing vessels, and being able to row right up against them. In this type of destination, there were moments which were so nice — swimming with the crew and getting to play around and experiment.” 

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